The 5 best ecological farm restaurants in Ibiza

De 5 leukste ecologische boerderij-restaurants van Ibiza

From the land to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the table.

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    As early as the 1920s, with the advent of artificial fertilizers, some farmers began growing biodynamic crops as a counterpart. So too in Ibiza. And in the 1960s, when artists and hippies discovered the island, the first farms emerged, growing their own vegetables and fruits, as well as raising their own chickens or goats for fresh eggs, milk and cheese. In the last 15 years, more and more agritourism emerged, where agricultural and livestock activities took place at hotels according to certain rules. Farmers were happy to explain the methods of cultivation to their hotel guests, and the first eateries for non-hotel guests emerged.

    Hence, it was time to list for you the five nicest ecological farm restaurants.

    1. La Granja Farmhouse, San Mateo
    2. Cas Gasi, San Mateo
    3. Can Muson, Santa Eularia
    4. Terra Masia, Santa Eularia
    5. A mi Manera, San Lorenzo
    La Granja Farmhouse

    La Granja Farmhouse, San Mateo

    La Granja is an inland finca that promotes the Mediterranean organic diet as a lifestyle. So they work with “Friends of a Farmer,” an international organization, dedicated to the proper cultivation of crops. Led by “master farmer” Andy Szymanowicz, as many as 30 different seasonal fruits and vegetables are grown on fertile land, including beet, carrot, lettuce, eggplant, tomato, onion, squash, melon, herbs and berries. La Granja also has its own orchard with oranges, lemons, apples, nectarines, figs and almonds. Workshops are held for larger groups and for their dinner guests, they like to give tours, where you can learn something about biodynamic farming, their way of composting and their sustainable approach to water management. In short, a super educational dining experience where the food truly goes “from the farm to your plate.”

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    Cas Gasi

    Cas Gasi, San Mateo.

    Cas Gasi is a finca restaurant where huge amounts of organic produce arrive every morning from surrounding farms, to be assembled in the kitchen into a great menu. The fish was caught fresh the same morning and the certified meat is really top quality. Fresh eggs come from their own free-range chickens and from their orchards come freshly picked oranges, figs and plums. They also make their own cold-pressed olive oil, delicious jams and chutneys and dried fruits. Fresher than fresh is Cas Gasi’s motto.

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    Can Muson

    Can Muson, Santa Eularia.

    The founder of Can Muson is Ibiza-born Maria Mari. Helped by her youngest son, she started the ecological finca Can Muson, near Santa Eularia. Because of her love for animals, in addition to growing organic fruits and vegetables, she began to raise more and more livestock. And when she opened her store, she noticed that when families came to buy fruits and vegetables, the children wanted to know all about the animals. She partnered with nearby schools, where classes came by for a field trip of sorts and the children learned all about the animals. They were also given lessons in growing vegetables without insecticides and thus the “Can Muson school farms” were created. These days, you can eat out at Can Muson. Traditional Ibiza dishes made from natural, fresh organic produce. Maria Mari still uses the recipes of her grandparents in order to maintain the traditions of the island, which today are almost lost in Ibiza.Also, with a large group of children, you can celebrate, for example, a birthday at Can Muson and the children will be allowed to feed and pet the animals.

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    Terra Masia

    Terra Masia, Santa Eularia.

    Terra Masia is the largest ecological farm on the island. Back in the 1970s, they were an important part of Ibiza’s agricultural industry and pioneers of the biodynamic approach. In 2018, the restaurant opened. Before that, there had been a two-year struggle to make 56 acres of farmland more fertile, restore tree health and plant thousands of seeds. Under the dedicated guidance of Marina Moran Jou, Terra Masia has now become an oasis of thriving beauty. In addition to eating at the restaurant, you can also order from them the “Organic Farm Box,” a box of 100% organic vegetables, including edible flowers, aromatic herbs and free-range eggs. During the summer, they also host “Farm to Table Diners,” where they have a menu with the island’s best guest chefs in a special pop-up restaurant somewhere in the vegetable fields under the stars. But if you’re with a larger group, they can also put together a customized menu from the farm, everything fresh from the land with organic wines.

    A mi Manera

    A mi Manera, San Lorenzo.

    A mi Manera is a farm-restaurant on the road from Santa Eularia to San Juan, where you sit relaxed with a direct view of the vegetable garden. A mi Manera takes great care with organic cultivated products from the vegetable garden and orchard and uses quality local produce. The napkins are durable and the tablecloths require little washing, saving water. Internationally acclaimed creative director Manu Crotti wanted to create a “pop-vibe” in the interior by using colors and the power of nature combined with art. With an expert chef and friendly staff, A mi Manera is a delicious dining experience and also a meeting place for art lovers from different cultures and nationalities.A mi Manera is also an excellent place for weddings, business dinners birthdays and other private parties.

    These restaurants are ecological Ibiza at its best! We hope you will be inspired and eat 1 of these five fincas. Remember to book early, especially if you want a customized menu or a guided tour.

    Enjoy your meal!

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