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Are you an Ibiza lover or blogger with your own website? We can help you make money from your website visitors. OneVillasIbiza is a villa rental company that values personal service. We have a wide range of houses in Ibiza, all selected by us. These houses have all passed our strict selection policy and you can see this in our customers’ reviews (see Trustpilot and experiences). As our partner, you can place our houses on your website with a so-called affiliate link.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up to our partner program
  2. You will receive your own unique affiliate link
  3. Link from your website to our website.
    For example, using photos of houses.
  4. Generate inquiries and bookings
    You will see these directly in your affiliate environment
  5. Receive commission
    Monthly we pay out commission

Commission amounts

We charge a commission rate of 3% on all bookings.


When a visitor from your website clicks to our website, a cookie is set. This cookie is valid for days. This means if visitors make a booking or request a villa within 45 days of their original request it will be awarded to you.


You will receive your own dashboard after signing up

In this you can see how many people clicked to us from your site. When requests and bookings result from this, they are also listed here with the commission amount you earn!

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Do you want to present your Ibiza visitors with the best houses and earn from them as well? Then join our partner program.

Frequently Asked Questions

A spacious villa. The biggest advantages of renting a villa are: the extra space, privacy, measure amenities, healthier diet options and it is usually cheaper per person than having to book many separate rooms in a hotel.

A villa. A villa is often cheaper per person than renting separate hotel rooms. In addition, you get much more value for your money. There is more space, more facilities (washing machine, bathrooms, a spacious garden, common areas, modern kitchens)…. As if you were in your own home! There is also more privacy and you can really enjoy yourself together. In our villas for large groups, there is enough space and privacy for everyone.

At the child-friendly villas of Huishurenibiza. In addition to baby cribs and chairs that we can organize, we also make sure that there are stair gates, a bathtub, good curtains so that your child can also sleep for a while during the day. Or a microwave to warm a bottle. But of course there are many more things we think about. A pool fence but also things like grass to play on, no precipices, playground equipment and bocce courts. You can filter on it with us to find your ideal home.

If you love peace and quiet, the north is your place to be. Here mostly locals live and you can relax at your villa and visit some small-scale villages. If you like a little more action then the south and east of Ibiza are the best place for you. Here lies the bustling Ibiza town, the bigger clubs can be found here and there is plenty of choice of great restaurants. Remember, the island is not big. So even if you are in the north, with a car you can easily explore the island from wherever you are staying!

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