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Can Muson

Menu: Ecological farm restaurant

Can Muson is a farm where you also can eat. The founder is Maria Mari, who was born on Ibiza. With the help of her youngest son, she started the ecological finca Can Muson, near Santa Eularia. Because of Maria's love for animals, she grew more and more livestock in addition to growing biologically responsible vegetables and fruit. And when she opened her shop, she noticed that when families came to buy fruit and vegetables, the children wanted to know everything about the animals. She started working with the nearby schools, where classrooms came for a kind of excursion and where the children learned everything about the animals. They also received lessons in growing vegetables without insecticide and so the "Can Muson school farms" were created.

Nowadays you can also eat at Can Muson. Traditional Ibiza dishes made from natural, fresh organic products. She still uses her grandparents' recipes to maintain the island's traditions, which are almost lost in Ibiza today.

You can also celebrate a birthday with a large group of children at Can Muson and the children can then feed and stroke the animals.

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