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We rent the most beautiful houses in Ibiza. In addition, we have been local experts with all the knowledge about the most beautiful locations and fun activities in Ibiza since 2010. Below is an overview.

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Ibiza has many small and some larger beaches. As many as 70 different beaches can be found on the island, and many are worth a visit!

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With more than 1,300 restaurants and cafes in Ibiza, it can be hard to choose. The nice thing is the nice variety between the modern, upscale restaurants and the smaller authentic Ibicenco restaurants a bit more inland.



Ibiza has many lively markets. This is always an enjoyable outing for young and old alike. From artisan markets where old hippies sell their wares to trendy food markets like La Huerta. Markets are scattered throughout the island and open on different days.

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That much of Europe's best clubs can be found in Ibiza is no secret. Below are all the clubs on the island. Check out all the Ibiza hotspots for next season here.

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Beach Clubs

Beach bars, of course, cannot be missing during your vacation in Ibiza. Many different beach clubs can be found all over the island. From authentic spots where you eat a fish among the locals on plastic chairs to sleek trendy spots where you party among the jet set.

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Read about the different areas of Ibiza, such as San José, San Juan, Ibiza Town, San Antonio and Santa Eulària. Each area has its own characteristics and unique character. We tell you all about it here.

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Below is a list of supermarkets in Ibiza. We've made a small selection of a few major supermarkets and a few must-see places on the island so that you have at least a small handle on things if you don't know the island (well) yet.

Agroturismo Ibiza


Agrotusimos are actually converted old fincas (farmhouses) away from the big crowds that Ibiza has in its heyday. Not very long ago there were less than 10, but today there are more than 20 agroturismos in Ibiza.

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What many people don't know, or what people don't think about, is that since 1992, Ibiza has also been a great place to play golf. One advantage of this is that the course is not crowded. There is not much promotion and the Islanders themselves do not play much.

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