The nicest hotels in Ibiza

Looking for something for a few nights and a house is quickly becoming too big or unavailable? A nice hotel often offers a solution. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breakfast or washing the pans. How relaxing! We have compiled a selection of hotels on this page that we think will be to your liking. Most of this row have nice furnishings, something we value. Often a beautiful location, too, and delightful country retreats.

List of hotels in Ibiza

As an Ibiza villa specialist, we can tell you a lot about the island, about the most beautiful houses, but we cannot give personal advice about hotels. However, we do know from experience what our clients have found to be pleasant hotels when they have chosen this. The Ibiza hotels below are therefore our favorites. You can click on the hotels to get more information about the hotel, then book with Booking or directly with the hotel.

Nobu hotel


Like nowhere in Ibiza, they say. It does look very nice here too! Ideally located, on Talamanca beach, close to town and 15 minutes walk to Marina Botafoc. Good restaurants, and delicious cocktails. This place is not a punishment to sit.

Location: Talamanca
Price: €€€€


Gatzara Suites

This very nice hotel in the area of Santa Gertrudis gives you the ultimate Ibiza feeling. Nice interior with fine colors, soft rugs and good beds. The pool sits on the roof and gives you a nice view of the surroundings. Not cheap, but well worth it!

Location: Santa Getrudis
Price: €€€€


Oku Ibiza (formerly Casa Cook)

Opening its doors in early summer 2020, this hotel is located in the San Antonio neighborhood. OKU Ibiza offers its guests a fully equipped spa, outdoor pool and fitness center in addition to, of course, a restaurant.

Location: San Antonio
Price: €€



Destino is in a wonderful place and is a hotel with very good service. Part of Pacha, it also has a nice outdoor party every now and then. In less than 15 min you are in Ibiza town, so the location is top if you want to go out every now and then.

Location: Cap Martinet (Ibiza town)
Price: €€€€


Ses Pitreras

Ses Pitreras is a boutique hotel in the San Jose area, close to beaches such as Cala Comte, Cala Tarida, and Cala Bassa. Much attention has been paid to the interior. Lots of dark warm tones, a little tighter than what you are used to in Ibiza.

Location: Cala Bassa
Price: €€


Petunia hotel

Petunia hotel is located near Cala Carbó, just 350 m from the beach. So run! It is also close to Cala Vadella. It is freshly decorated (typical Ibiza!), and has a very nice roof terrace with views to Es Vedra.

Location: Cala Carbo
Price: €€


Na Xamena

Na Xamena is a bit of a household name in Ibiza. It has sublime views and beautiful location as well as a fine spa, gym, tennis court and 3 pools. If you want to enjoy in peace then this is really recommended.

Location: Na Xamena (north)
Price: €€€€

sir joan

Sir Joan

Sir Joan is a luxury hotel located in the Marina Botafoc marina in Ibiza town. This hotel is also home to the popular restaurant Izakaya. The Pacha, Heart and the Lio are a few minutes’ walk away. Ideal if you want to immerse yourself in luxury.

Location: Ibiza town
Price: €€€€

ses savines

Catalonia ses Savines

This hotel in Santa Eularia is for adults only. You have a beautiful view here over the sea. Ideal place to relax. The restaurant Ses Savines also belongs to this hotel. The rooms are bright, modern and wonderfully spacious. Great place to rest without children around.

Location: Santa Eularia
Price: € / €€

105 suites

105 Suites

Located in the old town of Ibiza. At 105 suites, you rent an apartment. These are particularly tastefully decorated with very careful attention to detail. Truly a household name in Ibiza town and nicely centrally located.

Location: Old Town Ibiza
Price: €€

casa maca

Casa Maca

Casa Maca is a beautiful hotel in the countryside 2 kilometers outside Ibiza town. They also organize a food market which has become an absolute hot spot in Ibiza. Casa Maca is an oasis of tranquility with a beautiful view of the surroundings.

Location: Just outside Ibiza town
Price: €€€€

casa victoria

Casa Victoria

You would go to Casa Victoria just for the stunning sunsets. The hotel is located on a hill in San Jose with a view of the sea to the west. Hotel is bright with many wood tones, there is also an indoor pool.

Location: San Jose
Price: €€



A somewhat simpler but tasteful hotel. The rooms here are a bit smaller but very nicely decorated. You have a view of Ibiza’s old town. Clubs such as Lio, Pacha and Heart are within walking distance. This hotel is for adults only.

Location: Ibiza town
Price: € / €€


Sud Ibiza suites

Sud Ibiza offers spacious rooms with nice sea views. The rooms are minimally furnished. It is located on the edge of Ibiza town near Figueretas. You can use free loaner bikes here so you can cycle to the beach at Playa den Bossa.

Location: Ibiza town
Price: €€


Urban spaces Ibiza

You sleep at Urban spaces if you like modern art. Throughout the hotel you will see modern (pop art) art by more than 20 different artists. Have breakfast at the restaurant at the bottom of the hotel. All in all, a good hotel with not too high a price.

Location: Ibiza town
Price: € / €€

me hotel

ME hotel

This hotel has since become a household name in Ibiza. A beautiful luxury hotel with a wonderful restaurant. Large sleekly decorated rooms and great views. If you want to pamper yourself go to the ME hotel.

Location: Santa Eularia
Price: €€ / €€€€


Aguas de Ibiza

This hotel with rooftop bar and pool with sublime views also has a very nice location. Right in the middle of the port of Santa Eularia.

Location: Santa Eularia
Price: €€€€


Los Enamorados

When you arrive at Los Enamorados, you don’t immediately think of a luxury hotel with stylish design. But nothing could be further from the truth; at this hotel, things just add up. It is slightly different, but well done.

Location: Portinaxt

Price: €€

Frequently Asked Questions

A spacious villa. The biggest advantages of renting a villa are: the extra space, privacy, measure amenities, healthier diet options and it is usually cheaper per person than having to book many separate rooms in a hotel.

A villa. A villa is often cheaper per person than renting separate hotel rooms. In addition, you get much more value for your money. There is more space, more facilities (washing machine, bathrooms, a spacious garden, common areas, modern kitchens)…. As if you were in your own home! There is also more privacy and you can really enjoy yourself together. In our villas for large groups, there is enough space and privacy for everyone.

At the child-friendly villas of Huishurenibiza. In addition to baby cribs and chairs that we can organize, we also make sure that there are stair gates, a bathtub, good curtains so that your child can also sleep for a while during the day. Or a microwave to warm a bottle. But of course there are many more things we think about. A pool fence but also things like grass to play on, no precipices, playground equipment and bocce courts. You can filter on it with us to find your ideal home.

If you love peace and quiet, the north is your place to be. Here mostly locals live and you can relax at your villa and visit some small-scale villages. If you like a little more action then the south and east of Ibiza are the best place for you. Here lies the bustling Ibiza town, the bigger clubs can be found here and there is plenty of choice of great restaurants. Remember, the island is not big. So even if you are in the north, with a car you can easily explore the island from wherever you are staying!

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