A well-deserved vacation, most people look forward to it all year! Enjoying the Spanish sunshine, in a beautiful villa with loved ones. But a ticket to the sun, and cooling a house with air conditioners is obviously not good for the environment. Aware of this, we decided to do our part to preserve our beloved island of Ibiza.

Local Green Project

When you book a vacation with House Rent Ibiza, we donate €10 to a local green project. Together with a cooperative of 5 farmers, we plant olive trees (initially). In addition to purifying the air, these trees also produce excellent olive oil. We hope that generations of us may yet enjoy the trees we plant. Hopefully with your help! We ask each guest, and each homeowner to also donate €10 with each booking. In this way, we all do our part to continue to enjoy beautiful Ibiza.


Solar Panels & Water Filters

But, of course, there is more we can do. Given that we have been renting houses in Ibiza for more than 10 years, we have a large network. We are committed to motivating homeowners to make houses more sustainable. Think of solar panels for energy, but also hot water. In addition, more and more homeowners are installing a water filter. You probably know it, lugging water bottles around on vacation…. Also very bad for the environment! A water filter is a sustainable solution.


Social Entrepreneurship

We also like to engage socially as well. Every year we want to make a family that is a little less fortunate happy with a carefree vacation in Ibiza. In cooperation with a different homeowner each time, we can organize a villa. We book tickets and make sure there is a well-stocked refrigerator waiting for them upon arrival. We hope that in this way these families will have an unforgettable vacation to remember.

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