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Ibiza beaches

Ibiza has many small and some larger beaches. There are more than 70 different beaches on the island and many of them are worth a visit. In the north and in the east it's ofter quieter and unconstrained. In the south and west you will find more crowded beaches. Often there are DJ's or live music on the beaches. Here you will find the most popular beach clubs and nightlife. But also here are idyllic beaches to be found. The beaches of Ibiza are one of the major attractions of the island. We highly recommond to rent a boat on Ibiza to explore all the beautifull hidden beaches.

Aguas Blancas

Aguas Blancas is a beautifully outstretched, sandy beach monickered for its foaming, white waves (which are perfect for body-boarding, by the way) and is one of the two, official nudist beaches. Do not fret, however,...

Beach type: Family / nudist beach
Location: North-east

The hidden Atlantis! Craving a challenge to explore a special place? Then Atlantis is totally the place for you. Near Es Vedra, you will find a small beach that can only be reached on foot venturing down a steep...

Beach type: Rustig / natuurbaden
Location: Zuidwesten

Benirras is a nice, medium-sized beach in northern Ibiza, surrounded by mountainous cliffs toupeed with pine trees. The beach is a mixture of sand and pebble with a few round boulders bathing as permanent fixtures in...

Beach type: Hippy / family
Location: North
Cala Bassa

Graced with glittering gold sand and crystal clear water, Cala Bassa is a beach that swimmers cherish. There is a closed off area for swimming so that you need not worry about the boats. Be advised, however, that you...

Beach type: Family / Trendy
Location: West of San Antonio
Cala Boix

Cala Boix is located near the village of San Carlos. It's renowned beacause of the greyish colour you can't find anywhere else on Ibiza. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and the decent is relatively steep which...

Beach type: Family
Location: Near San Carlos
Cala Carbo

Cala Carbo can best be described as a friendly family beach. There are two small restaurants with good service, one of which is on the beach. The bay is small and surrounded with soaring cliffs. The rocky coast makes...

Beach type: Family
Location: South West
Cala Codolar

Cala Codolar is a small, quiet beach where the water is crystal clear. You can see small fish swimming over slippery rock; and to reach it, you have to make your way down a long set of steps, which begin next to a...

Beach type: Family
Location: South West
Cala Conta

Cala Conta offers a marvelous view overlooking the spattered islands off of the coastline. Combined with the turquoise hue of prismic waters, Cala Conta constitutes one of the most stunning beaches of the entire...

Beach type: Popular
Location: South West
Cala d'Hort

Cala d’Hort is a small beach with a fantastic view overlooking Es Vedra island, which is merely a few hundred meters off the coast. The beach itself is sprawled with sand on one side and scattered with rock on the...

Beach type: Popular
Location: South West
Cala d'en Serra

This is a cool little beach in the north of Ibiza, surrounded by cliffs and overgrowth. The beach is properly designated on the signs, and it is easy to find. The last little bit requires traversing a small, sand...

Beach type: Secluded / quiet
Location: North
Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio is located between San Antonio and Cala Salada. A real family beach with plenty of room for the kids to play. There are never big waves here and the water stays shallow for a long time. There can be a lot...

Beach type: Family
Location: Above San Antonio
Cala Gracioneta

Tucked away between San Antonio and Cala Salada lies the small beach of Cala Gracioneta. As it’s name reveals it is the little sister of Cala Gracio Beach. The beach is only accessible by restaurant “Chiringuito”. A...

Beach type: Family
Location: Above San Antonio
Cala Jondal

Cala Jondal is a very beautiful and fashionable beach surrounded by pine trees and jagged rocks, very popular with boat owners. There are three restaurants where life is good. You have the famous Blue Marlin in the...

Beach type: Trendy
Location: South
Cala Llenya

Cala Llenya is a popular family beach southeast of San Carlos. The beach is surrounded by cliffs with pine trees. The water remains shallow for a long time. Also a very good spot to go bodyboarding. The beach itself...

Beach type: Family
Location: North-east
Cala Llonga

Cala Llonga is a popular family beach. Large and wide with very fine sand. The water stays shallow which is perfect for children. The beach is surrounded on both sides by hills with pine trees. There are many...

Beach type: Family / couples
Location: East
Cala Martina

Cala Martina can be found south from the Es Canar resort. It is a very fine sandy beach where many water sports activities take place. This includes sailing, windsurfing and canoeing. Popular with families. There are...

Beach type: Family / aquatics
Location: Near Es Canar
Cala Mastella

Cala Mastella is a small beach on the northeast side of Ibiza. It is primarily known for its delightfully authentic restaurant El Bigote, which is right next to it (accessible via the rocky paths; reservations...

Beach type: Quiet / couples
Location: North-east
Cala Moli

Cala Moli is a secluded beach near Cala Tarida. This pebble beach has been voted most “natural” beach by the city of San Jose. It’s a very popular spot to go snorkelling or diving. This is a popular beach among...

Beach type: Nature lovers / snorkelers
Location: South West
Cala Nova

Cala Nova is a long sandy beach. The water is very shallow for quite some time making it very suitable for children. This is truly a family beach. In the vicinity of the beach are 2 restaurants.

Beach type: Family
Location: Outside Es Canar
Cala Oliveira

Cala Oliviera is next to Roca Lisa. Initially, one might think that it could not possible be all that great here, since the lamented industrial developments plopped onto Roca Lisa. However, if you turn right, off the...

Beach type: Quiet / (unofficial) nudist beach
Location: East
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