Working in a prime location in a team full of passion and energy!

Living and working in Ibiza? Do you have the skils to join our team, are you full of energy and dare to take on this challenge? Then we offer you a unique opportunity!


One of a Kind Travel: hard work, maximum enjoyment!

Working at One of a Kind travel means the perfect balance between hard work and maximum enjoyment of a beautiful island.

Every week we pop full of energy to always give our clients the most special experience in Ibiza. But of course, we also celebrate our success on Friday afternoon with a cozy drink under the sun’s rays and swaying palm trees. This combination makes this a true dream job! That beaming smile on the customer’s face gives us the ultimate appreciation for giving our best every day.

OneVillasIbiza, part of One of a Kind Travel, is a young growing online company with a lot of potential and ambition. Together we work in a creative Hub in a team of 8 driven individuals. Mainly from Ibiza, but we also have several collaborations with programmers from abroad.

During your work, you will get a glimpse of Ibiza’s most beautiful houses and in your free time you will learn to find the nicest beach clubs, beaches and typical Spanish villages. Enjoy mountain biking, hiking or swimming: there is always something fun to do on the island. Above all, enjoyment is done with all the people around you. This is why we are constantly looking for the best match for our team, who, like us, is so thrilled to give our clients a special experience in Ibiza. Will we see you at our next team outing on the boat?

Below are 3 vacancies:

General assistant (fulfilled)

Strategic Freelance Marketing Director (fulfilled)

General Manager

Become part of a unique concept

OneVillasIbiza has been operating in Ibiza since 2011 in the rental of premium vacation homes. We find the most beautiful homes on the island and are always expanding our platform and network. All to give our customers the very best experience. Our strength is that we always go that extra mile. You can see that in our varied offerings and drive to constantly innovate.

Because of our proven success, we are therefore ready for the next step: building a unique sustainable brand. This brand will provide a whole new experience of luxury, quality and durability. A platform with a selection of our exclusive homes, giving our clients that extra attention for the ultimate experience.

At OneVillasIbiza you become part of a successful concept. We process about 1,200 bookings annually, and when you read our reviews, you’ll see that our clients are all satisfied (#teamwork!). The coming period will be dominated by our brand’s brand, where we will expand to include a new target audience.

Interested in becoming part of this new step? We are very curious to see what skills you can add to our current team!


Sustainable business

We all know that flying is not the cleanest way to travel. Yet the island continues to attract us, and that is not entirely incomprehensible… Ibiza has a special magic: special and unique. Therefore, we keep coming back and want to be able to share this magic as well, but in the most responsible way possible.

Sustainable business is therefore the answer. For every booking, we charge a small amount for a green cause. In addition, we are committed to convincing owners to make their homes structurally sustainable. And with success! More and more homes are switching to solar panels. The next step is to provide water filters in every home so we can say goodbye to the plastic bottle. Will you help us make this a reality?

We want to keep innovating in the field of sustainability, so we are open to all your creative ideas. In this way, together we will ensure that Ibiza stays the way it is, a wonderful island that we want to enjoy together forever!

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