Who are we?

Our bright and enthusiastic team, here at OneVillasIbiza, completed its first season during the summer of 2012. Since then, our website has grown into a major portfolio where the focus is on honestly priced homes.

For us, the price is equivalent to quality. Each house has its own value, and it remains our priority to establish a fair price for our guests. This also means that we are selective when adding new houses, which will have to meet our stringent price-quality requirements at all times.

Our large portfolio is specifically aimed at Ibiza, and is offered with great care and prompt Dutch service. Thanks to our SGR membership, Trustpilot and the shared reviews of our guests, every visitor has constant access to accurate information.

And we do more than just offering houses!

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In addition to our product, we also provide matching services and a host of other options. This can range from route maps to rental cars and transfers, from groceries to a cook and babysitter at your home. All in all, we can ensure you have a carefree stay!

The opportunity for personal contact means that, for our team, work is great fun and personal. And for you, it is very important to be able to carry out the search for a house accurately and in the best possible way. Please feel free to call or email us for personal advice!

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We are the Ibiza specialists. Would you like to stay informed about news on the island? Then follow our social media channels. These are full of restaurant tips, the best beaches and places off the beaten track. We have a large group of followers; why not follow us today!

We have chosen an independent review site, Trustpilot. In the Netherlands, we are number one for customer satisfaction when it comes to online holiday rentals!

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We are affiliated with SGR. That means you can book safely with us. SGR ensures that in the unlikely event of bankruptcy, you will be fully refunded. In order to be a member of SGR, we tested for financial stability on a personal and business basis every year.

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Say hello to our team!
Reinoud ten Cate
Manager & Owner

I regularly visit the island to see new houses, speak to owners, and to enjoy all the beautiful things this island has to offer. I mainly work at the office in the Netherlands. I have backround in management and sales, but I turned my hobby into my work now: traveling! I can provide you with stellar advice.

Steven ten Cate
Finance & Owner

Together with Reinoud and Thomas, I am the co-founder of OneVillasIbiza. In 2012 I lived on the Island to scout for new villas and recieve our clients. Currently I am working partly from Amsterdam and partly on Ibiza to manage both teams. I love Ibiza, the remote beaches, restaurants and clubs, but also the possibility to do all kinds of sports: Rockclimbing, cycling, kitesurfing: Ibiza provides it all!

Thomas van der Bruggen
Marketing & Owner

I take care of the optimalisation, development and marketing of the website. Also I'm responsible for all design issues. Love to be on Ibiza to photograph new spots for our website and social media. The Mediterranean climate combined with the beaches and good restaurants makes Ibiza the perfect island for me!

Robin Nelissen

After 10 years of celebrating fantastic holidays on Ibiza we have made the decision to move and live her. Together with our team of Ibiza experts we will find the best villa & services for your holiday.


Femke Rienstra
Services & bookings

For me, the combination of freedom, nature and variety of the Island makes it a very peasant place to live.

Besides sharing my passion for the Island, I really like to help you finding the right location for your holiday letting.

Bieke Aerts

It was love at first sight when I came to Ibiza during my first vacation without parents in 1998. Later I experienced some beautiful summers as a tour guide. I never forget the island when we lived in the Netherlands and Belgium. That's why I decided to make my dream come true with my family and finally settle here. Since January 2017, I am the first Belgian in the Ibiza team. With my 15 years of experience in tourism and a huge love for this beautiful island, I would like to choose that perfect dream location for you. In addition to "Flemish" I speak Spanish, English and French.

Ellen Heemskerk

After a few short holidays, I decided to make the big move in 2015 and that’s when I started my Ibiza adventure. A sense of freedom is very strong here. Also, the contrast, from buzzing to relaxing, is something that is appealing to me about Ibiza. Since June 2017 I am employed at OneVillasIbiza. I love sharing my love for the island and would like to help you make your dream holiday come true in one of our many beautiful villas!

Karlijn Snelleman

Ibiza was not entirely unknown to me until 2018, but unloved. I had heard a lot about it, but never been there before. I am not a party animal myself and that's all it is about on Ibiza right ?!

In 2018 I moved to Ibiza because of a project from my boyfriend. Boy, I was wrong. This beautiful island with lots of greenery, peace and beautiful views seduced me within a short time.

We started in an apartment in the quiet North and now live in the lively South. Because of this I got to know the many faces of Ibiza even better. We have purchased a small boat and sit in a small classroom three times a week to learn the Spanish language.

We still travel often between the Netherlands and Ibiza, but it still feels more at home here than in the hustle and chaos of the Netherlands. Yes .... we will stay for a while.

With this knowledge and experience, I am passionately searching for the right match between your request and that one beautiful home in that special place.

Wianda Bosma

Fifteen years ago I lost my heart to Ibiza. As a true Ibiza lover, I have settled in 2015 on this magical island. Ibiza is an island with extremes. And I like to share all of this with you. Because of my many years of experience in the travel world, I know all the hotspots and other fun extras that you can do on the island. I would also like to help you find a suitable accommodation, so the holiday jitters start at the time of booking!

Serena Nijhoff

I've been working for OneVillasIbiza since January 2015, and my colleagues and I form the lucky team in Ibiza. I've gotten to know the island fairly well in the meantime, so I'm able to offer you proper advice. I love doing service-oriented jobs, so I'd be glad to assist you with finding the best villa for your holiday getaway!

Piotr Kosytorz
Lead developer

I have technical responsibility for the website and the servers. I make sure that the website loads as quickly as possible and works as efficiently as possible.

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