Wat is er speciaal aan Ibiza?

What’s special about Ibiza?

Ibiza, an enchanting island in the Mediterranean, is much more than just a world-famous party destination. You will also find beautiful sandy beaches, such as Cala Conta and Cala Bassa, where the crystal clear waters and idyllic sunsets make an unforgettable impression. Furthermore, Ibiza is rich in cultural heritage with its historic old town of

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Wat te doen ibiza stad

What to do ibiza town?

Ibiza Town, the beating heart of the beautiful island, is a true treasure trove of culture, history and lively activities. Located on the east coast of Ibiza, this town offers a perfect blend of old and new. Here the historic Dalt Vila (the old town) is a wonderful contrast to the bustling modern life, including

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Is Ibiza a country?

Ibiza, a popular vacation destination in the Mediterranean, is part of the Balearic Islands, an archipelago of islands belonging to Spain. The Catalan name is Eivissa. Ibiza enjoys worldwide fame as a vacation paradise, but it is not an independent country, but an autonomous region of Spain. Vacationers know this Spanish island primarily for its

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Wat eet je op Ibiza?

What do you eat in Ibiza?

An enchanting island in the Mediterranean, Ibiza is known not only for its lively nightlife and beautiful beaches, but also for its rich culinary traditions. Many of these traditions are rooted in local culture and history. Visitors to this Spanish island can enjoy a wide range of Mediterranean cuisine, enriched with local ingredients and unique

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