Should I bring euros to Ibiza?

Moet ik euro's meenemen naar Ibiza
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    Should I bring euros to Ibiza?

    Ibiza is in demand by partygoers as well as lovers of nature and culture. For visitors leaving soon and wondering if they should bring euros, the answer is yes. Ibiza is part of Spain and therefore part of the European Union, so the official currency in Ibiza is the euro. Therefore, European visitors need not worry about exchange rates. ATMs for withdrawing cash abound in Ibiza, so there is little need to bring cash from home.

    Financial tips for your stay in Ibiza

    When going on vacation to Ibiza, it is important to be well prepared. Therefore, below we would like to give you some tips on some financial aspects related to your stay.

    ATMs and


    Despite the large number of ATMs in both cities and quiet villages, it is wise to always have some cash in your pocket, especially if you go to smaller villages or more remote beaches. Many small cafes and bars, market stalls and parking lots accept cash only. Also, check with your bank in advance what the fees are for foreign cash withdrawals to avoid surprises later.

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    Paying by credit card

    Credit cards are accepted in most places, especially in the larger hotels, stores and restaurants. However, small business owners and cab drivers often prefer cash payment. Also, check with your bank about any additional fees when using a credit card abroad. Visa, Mastercard and American Express are generally accepted, especially in larger hotels, restaurants and stores. For smaller transactions, for example in the old town of Ibiza City, and at local markets and the most beautiful beaches, cash is often still preferable. If you are coming from outside the Eurozone, for example the United Kingdom, double check the exchange rate for the British pound.


    Although Ibiza is known as a safe destination, it is always wise to be vigilant. Be sure not to carry too much cash in your pocket and store your valuables in the safe at your accommodation. A money belt or concealed wallet to keep your cash and credit cards safe is also always a good idea.

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    Additional charges for ferries and other transportation

    Most tourists choose to explore the island by rental car. But a boat trip to one of the nearby islands such as Formentera or just a boat ride around the island are also popular. Current ferry prices can vary depending on the season and your destination, and can be found on the shipping companies’ sites. You can often pay for these tickets by debit or credit card, but check in advance.

    Baggage and customs regulations

    It is always a good idea to read your airline’s baggage regulations carefully. Check how many pounds or pieces of luggage you are allowed to bring and whether there are fees for extra luggage or special luggage, such as sports equipment. Some airlines, such as Corendon, allow you to check in your luggage online, which is sometimes cheaper. Also keep in mind the customs rules for the import of animal and vegetable products and the number of liters of spirits/wine and the amount of tobacco products you are allowed to bring without import duties.

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    Thanks to our local knowledge, we offer boat and car rentals in addition to cozy homes. Explore Ibiza’s coves from the water or its roads in style.

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    Why choose OneVillasIbiza?

    Our beautiful accommodations are located in the island’s most idyllic locations. Some are close to beautiful beaches, while others are more near lively entertainment centers. You always get a personal check-in with us, so you feel right at home.

    Additional facilities

    Many of our accommodations have extra amenities, such as a very luxurious kitchen with all the trimmings, private pool, Jacuzzi or BBQ area. On the site you will find a complete listing of all the houses with all the details. If you can’t figure it out, feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

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