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Your holiday on the island is not complete without a cruise. Explore the crystal clear waters surrounding the island or head to Formentera. With a little bit of luck you can also spot some dolphins on the way.

Reliable boat renting Ibiza

A boat rental is nice but unpleasant surprises are less fun. There are many providers that have many hidden costs. It often happens that at the end of your sailing trip extras such as VAT and petrol increase the bill up to € 150 per hour. In case you are not in possession of a license a captain must be hired. Our prices are transparent and there are no additional costs that are not described or mentioned. Obviously this does not apply to additional services such as catering etc. A boat rental must be a pleasant event!

boot rental Ibiza


This catamaran is completely green! It sails on solar panels when sailing off or when there is not enough wind, which makes it practically noiseless. The boat accommodates 10 guests. There are two available catamarans. You can sit comfortably on the benches on the sides or on top of the large nets. For bigger groups, there is a second catamaran available. So there is always enough space!


10 guests


Prices are flexible, €100,- p.p with a minimum of €700,-.

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ibiza boat rental


A classic sailboat for 8 guests. The boat usually sails off around 11:00 am from Salinas beach. A large zodiac will be taking to the boat. This is where the journey to the beautiful beaches of Formentera starts from. The day will consist mainly of enjoying the beautiful sea views, taking dips in the crystal clear waters of Formentera, snorkeling and relaxing on board.


8 guests


€680,- Juli & August €780,-

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Continental Tender 50

The perfect boat for a luxurious day of relaxation. The continental is a beautiful yacht of Italian origin. Fully equipped and there is even a seabob present. The ideal boat for a wonderful tour along the coast of Ibiza and Formentera.


11 persons


Prices range between €2.200,- to €2.950,- ex. VAT and petrol costs of 150 to 250 per hour as you are sailing.

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Vanquish 48

This magnificent boat is has been designed in Holland. In 2016 it finally came to Ibiza. This magnificent boat lives up to all the hype!


Up to 10 guests


From €2.200,- to €2.900,- ex. VAT and petrol costs of 150 to 250 per hour as you are sailing.

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Luxury motor yacht

This Princess V42 is located in the port of Santa Eulalia. This type of boat is known for its extremely high quality vessels, the Mercedes among the boats. The boat has 2 x 350 hp, enough to sail up to 65km / h. This boat accommodates up to 10 guests. A small rubber motorboat will take to the shore, very handy if you decide to enjoy lunch somewhere on the way. The boat is equipped with a great sound system.


10 guests


From € 1.300, - to € 1.600, - with petrol costs of €130,- per hour. This applies only while cruising.

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40 Foot Sealine SC35 Speed Cruiser is a mid-range but luxury speedboat, suitable for up to 9 guests. It reaches up to 36 knots, has a shower and lavatory, dining table on the deck and a sundeck.


9 guests


From € 895, - to € 995, - with petrol costs of €90,- per hour. This applies only while cruising.

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Why rent a boat in Ibiza?

A day tour to Formentera or a sailing trip along the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, are a great addition to your holiday. Along the way, stops will be planned to indulge in natural mud baths and dive through beautiful caves. Ask the captain for tips of hot spots you can sail to. Lunch on deck can be arranged and standard beverages are included. During high season, the chances of dolphins swimming along the boat are pretty high, especially in the evenings. Plenty of reasons to hire a boat, the sea is waiting for you!

Boat rentals Ibiza summary

  • Direct hire
  • Prices ranging from € 680,- to € 1600,-
  • Sailboats have no petrol costs, powerboats do
  • No hidden costs
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