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San Juan

The local inhabitants, who are predominantly Catalan, call San Juan "Sant Joan de Labritja". The Spanish always called it San Juan (Bautista), but in 1981, when Ibiza became an autonomous region in the Balearics, the Catalans wanted their old, familiar name back. Confusing, all these different names, but at least you know we are talking about the same town!

The most northerly town

From San Lorenzo and Santa Eularia there is essentially one road that leads to San Juan. You will drive slowly uphill until you arrive at the village. Funnily enough, San Juan is dominated by a centrally situated church… It really is the last real town in the north of the island. To the right there is San Vicente which does not amount to much, but does have a nice beach. And on the left San Miguel, a slightly less appealing town but in beautiful surroundings. Above San Juan lies also the coastal town of Portinaxt, with a good beach. If you look in our beach section, you will see that good beaches are plentiful. 


Many people travel northwards in search of peace and quiet.  And that can be found here! Just like in San Carlos, San Miguel, San Mateu and Santa Agnes, peace and quiet can be found here. As well as a cheap "caña" or espresso in one of small bars of the village. If you would like to eat in beautiful surroundings, we recommend The Giri Café. Beautifully designed, and great food. The main street of San Juan is nice to stroll through. The calm, the flowers, the discussions of people in the bars and on the street. 

There is not an awful lot to do in San Juan. But that does make it a cosy, picturesque village. 

Discovering the Charm of San Juan Ibiza (Sant Joan de Labritja)

Dive into the historic core of the idyllic town of San Juan Ibiza, or as locals fondly refer to it, Sant Joan de Labritja. Nestled amid picturesque landscapes, the town is a tapestry of the 17th, 18th, and 19th-century houses that echo tales of the yesteryears, each bringing their unique architectural style to the forefront. As you traverse through the narrow lanes adorned with century-whitewashed buildings, you’ll be transported to an era where authentic style and Catalonian essence were the heartbeat of the community. Allow yourself to immerse in a journey back to the eighteenth century, where the confluence of culture and tradition breathed life into this charming corner of Ibiza.

Navigating to San Juan: The Northern Gem

Journey northwards to the sun-kissed Cala de Sant Vicent, a haven boasting an amazing beach location with pristine sands that welcome visitors to embrace the beauty of the Mediterranean. The scenic route unfurls the secrets of the region, presenting a clean beach which is nothing short of a creation of nature. As you make your way to San Juan, be prepared to be greeted by a beautiful beach that promises tranquillity, offering a perfect getaway from the bustling city life. With the vibrant hues of the sea playing with the golden sands, the coastal region invites you to uncover the gems hidden in the northern part of Ibiza.

Beach Getaways in and around San Juan

The coastal charms of San Juan are a beacon for nature lovers seeking solitude amidst the natural environment. Delve into the abundance of beaches that await your discovery, each more enchanting than the last. Whether it's sipping cocktails at a stylish beach bar or taking a peaceful stroll along the shores, the beach getaways offer a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation. The pristine beaches are a testament to the awe-inspiring creation of nature, beckoning visitors to embrace the tranquillity and beauty that surrounds them.

Markets to Explore: A Blend of Tradition and Craftsmanship

Step into the vibrant world of San Juan's markets, where tradition meets craftsmanship. The hippie market, resonating with the complete summer hippie vibe, welcomes you with open arms, offering an array of artistic markets and market stalls that showcase the vibrant culture of the island. Here, you can find everything from handcrafted jewellery to organic bread, each stall narrating a story of tradition and artistry. Let the bustling energy engulf you as you navigate through the myriad of stalls, each promising a unique and fulfilling experience.

Culinary Delights in San Juan

Indulge in the culinary delights of San Juan, a haven for food enthusiasts. From a beautiful restaurant nestled in a picturesque setting to a cozy restaurant offering a fine dining experience, the town is a gastronomic paradise. Don’t miss out on the Giri Café, a class restaurant renowned for its exquisite menu and exceptional cocktails. Whether it’s savoring a bespoke cocktail at an artsy cocktail bar or enjoying a sumptuous meal at a popular restaurant, San Juan promises a culinary journey that caters to every palate. Dive into the array of boutique restaurants that offer a feast for the senses, each establishment bringing its unique flavor to the table.

Leisure and Activities in San Juan

Embark on an adventurous journey as you explore the leisure and activities that San Juan has to offer. From the central attraction that captivates visitors to the secret garden that promises solitude, the town is a haven for nature lovers and animal lovers alike. Whether it’s taking a tranquil walk through the garden or exploring the attractions that dot the landscape, San Juan offers a plethora of options for visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty that surrounds them. Let the natural environment engulf you as you discover the numerous attractions that promise a memorable experience.

Beyond San Juan: Day Trips and Nearby Attractions

Venture beyond the confines of San Juan to explore the myriad of attractions that await you. From the vibrant nightlife of San Antonio to the tranquil settings that offer a perfect getaway, the region promises an unforgettable experience. Accommodation options abound, ranging from luxury resorts boasting outdoor swimming pools to cozy retreats offering a tranquil plunge pool to unwind. Dive into the summer spirit as you explore the attractions that lie in the vicinity, each promising a unique and fulfilling experience. With air conditioning facilities to beat the summer heat, the accommodations offer a comfortable and relaxing stay, allowing you to rejuvenate and soak in the beauty that Ibiza has to offer.

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