Enjoy a relaxing movie night in your villa.

For an unforgettable evening under the stars, book an outdoor home theater!

Your own private outdoor cinema

A service often booked by our clients is a private outdoor cinema at home. Within 1 hour, your vacation villa is transformed into exclusive open-air theater with comfortable beanbags and side tables with romantic lighting. You ask, we spin; all films are possible except those still in theaters.

The complete package includes a large cinema screen, sound system, individual beanbags, blankets and, of course, a popcorn stand for fresh popcorn during the movie.

Book a chef or order a pizza, choose a recent blockbuster or just a classic to see again on the big screen, take a seat in the beanbag and enjoy an intimate performance.

Bioscoop Aan Huis


Prices start at €575 for small groups. This includes a cinema screen, beanbags, blankets and a popcorn machine.

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