Why explore Ibiza and Formentera by boat?

Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen

Why rent a boat in Ibiza?

Apart from the beautiful mainland, discovering Ibiza (and Formentera) from the water is a unique experience. But what really are the reasons why this is so special? In this blog, we discuss it in detail.


Every year at the end of the season we go on a team outing by catamaran to Formentera. What’s best is that every year on the return trip we are accompanied by dolphins. The catamaran is almost completely silent and the dolphins then swim with the boat! A truly unique experience to watch the dolphins swim meet during the setting sun. In months in the late season, the dolphins are a bit closer to shore. During the summer, they are mostly seen on the high seas.

Snorkeling, supping and exploring caves

Ever heard of the “Cave of light?” Probably not, it is a place between San and Antonio and Port de San Miguel, Cap d’Albarca to be exact. A unique place accessible only by boat. This is one of the most beautiful hidden places where really almost no one has been. It is a cave where the sun rises between 12 and 3 and is beautifully illuminated inside. Accessible only by swimming a little underwater. We really do recommend using flippers for this! See also the video. The Prestige 450 has access to several SUP boards. Just blow up and into the water!
Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen

Snorkeling by the catamaran.

Mijn Huis Op Ibiza Verhuren

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cave of light
The cave of light!

Around Formentera there are also beautiful caves to explore. There is one where you go underwater through a tunnel and then pull yourself up. In the dark, you then walk several meters until you see a bright blue luminous hole in the ground and then jump back into it. The coasts around Formentera are full of caves and places where you can dive in the water. Ask the captain for his recommendations!

Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen
Exploring the caves around Formentera

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    A little northeast of Cala Llenya and Cala Mastella is the island of Tagomago. A beautiful rugged island to sail past. Many birds have made nests here on the west side of the island. Along the way, you can choose to anchor for an hour or more. Lovely to go swimming and enjoy a drink here. For the adventurous among us, there are also regular schools of barracuda here. They look very dangerous but do not attack people. There is regular diving around this island.

    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen
    The east side of Tagomago


    Formentera, too, can only be reached by boat. By the way, this is also the most popular boat ride to take. From Las Salinas beach, it is about an hour and a half crossing. Of course, it’s entirely up to yourself to choose how long to take. On the way to Formentera, you can sail past the islet of Es Palmador. This place is known for its natural mud baths. Formentera has several beaches more reminiscent of the Caribbean than Ibiza. Our favorites are the sister beaches Ses Illetes and Playa Llevant. If you decide to have lunch on Formentera, we can recommend Beso Beach, a wonderfully laidback restaurant. This really has the atmosphere of a Caribbean restaurant. Around Formentera there are several caves in and underwater to explore, highly recommended. The snorkeling here is fantastic, the water is incredibly clear and there are all kinds of fish. So ask the captain about his favorite spots. Formentera by boat is highly recommended.

    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen
    The mud baths at Es Palmador
    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen
    Beso Beach restaurant on Formentera
    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen
    The sister beaches of Ses Illetes and Playa Llevant.

    Delicious lunch!

    All the boats we offer have some snacks and drinks on board as standard. However, you can also choose to do a sumptuous lunch on the boat. Each boat offers a different kind of lunch. Check the boats’ page to see what the options are. You can also agree in advance with the boat owner what type of lunch you would like. Of course, you can also bring your own lunch.

    You can also choose to have lunch somewhere along the way. We think Beso Beach on Formentera is really a top spot. Juan y Andrea is another very cozy beach club. This one is just a bit on the expensive side and it can be very crowded. Some beach clubs such as Blue Marlin also offer a tender service. This means they can deliver lunch on the boat. Though on the pricey side but absolutely worth it.


    Lunch aboard the Magistra.

    catamaran ibiza

    Delicious pink lunch aboard the catamaran.

    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen

    Soup beforehand on the sailboat.

    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen

    Delicious healthy lunch on the sailboat.

    beso beach
    Lunch at Beso Beach
    Waarom Ibiza en Formentera per boot verkennen
    The entrance to Juan y Andrea

    Boat Rental & Car Rental Ibiza

    Thanks to our local knowledge, we offer boat and car rentals in addition to cozy homes. Explore Ibiza’s coves from the water or its roads in style.

    auto verhuur ibiza
    boot huren ibiza
    La goletta boot huren ibiza
    auto verhuur ibiza

    All the freedom by boat!

    Just a moment away from the hectic summer craziness. A snack a drink and dream away with some nice music in the background. The boats all come standard with a captain. This person can also tell you all kinds of things about his or her favorite places around the island. Popular trips include along the Wes coast with Es Vedra as the highlight, Formentera and Tagomago. All our boats (except the RIB) are equipped with a sound system. For a total overview of the all boats you can take a look at the boat rental page.


    Sunset cruises

    Every now and then in high season, for the last few hours (6 p.m. to 9 p.m.), sunset cruises also go. Enjoying a trip during the setting sun. These depart from the port of Santa Eularia to the bay of Cala Llonga or around Tagomago. Because you only sail for a few hours, you also only spend half the money. Send us a message to ask when these leave. This offer applies to the following boats:

    • Prestige 450
    • Sealine
    • RIB

    Would you also like to rent a boat in Ibiza?

    Then take a look at our boat rental Ibiza page!

    Why book with us?

    We know all the boat owners personally and have sailed on all of them. We will never post a boat on the website without knowing the owner and thus could potentially get into trouble.

    Transparency! There are an awful lot of boat rentals on the Internet. One complaint we regularly hear is about hidden fees. A boat is offered for a low price but afterwards you still have to pay VAT and the captain. Captain and VAT are all included with us. Motor boats still require payment for gasoline. This amount depends on where you want to sail to. The price per (sailing) hour is indicated with each boat.

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