What’s special about Ibiza?

Wat is er speciaal aan Ibiza?
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    Ibiza, an enchanting island in the Mediterranean, is much more than just a world-famous party destination. You will also find beautiful sandy beaches, such as Cala Conta and Cala Bassa, where the crystal clear waters and idyllic sunsets make an unforgettable impression.

    Furthermore, Ibiza is rich in cultural heritage with its historic old town of Dalt Vila (Eivissa), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also take a look at the beautiful 16th-century Gothic Catedral de Santa Maria.

    Ibiza’s unique atmosphere is partly due to its famous hippy markets, such as Las Dalias. Here you get an impression of the bohemian lifestyle that the island has enjoyed since the 1960s. Finally, nature lovers can indulge in the beautiful countryside, including natural wonders such as the caves of Cova de Can Marçà. This unique blend of beaches, natural beauty, history and cultural richness makes Ibiza an island that never bores.

    Can Marca

    Nature and beaches

    Ibiza is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and azure waters in the world, such as Cala Llonga and Cala Codolar. Here you will find tranquility and you can isolate yourself away from all the hustle and bustle. Adventurous visitors can snorkel perfectly in the clear waters at Cala Xucar and closely admire the marine life below the water’s surface.

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    Cultural depth

    When it comes to culture, don’t miss an extended visit to Ibiza’s old town, Eivissa. Here visitors are transported back to ancient times. The tall, ancient walls of Dalt Vila tell stories of protection from the island’s invasions over the centuries. Visitors will find a maze of whitewashed streets, lively markets and breathtaking views from the old city walls. After a delightful walk past the historical sights, you can end the day in one of the authentic tapas bars, for example.

    Lively markets and local art

    Ibiza’s famous hippie markets, such as those in Es Canar and San Juan, are a must-visit for anyone who loves unique handmade products and art. These markets are not only fun for shopping, but they also act as hotspots for a cosmopolitan mix of Ibiza residents and visitors from around the world. The colorful stalls, live music and the smells of freshly prepared food make for a unique experience.

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    Sporty nature lovers are well catered for here with numerous hiking trails, such as the one near Sant Josep. From here you can walk to hidden gems such as the Torre des Savinar, the watchtower that rises high above the rocks and offers great views of the island and the sea. These trails do not offer an opportunity for athletic endeavor, but also provide space for spiritual enrichment. Indeed, many of Ibiza’s natural sites are considered sacred because of their supposed magical powers.

    Below we tip a few great places, restaurants and sights that we think are well worth exploring:

    • Santa Eulalia: This charming town on the east coast of Ibiza offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. You will find a lively promenade with stores, restaurants and bars. It is a popular spot with both tourists and locals.
    • Blue Marlin: This famous beach club at Cala Jondal is a great place to enjoy delicious cocktails. At night, the club transforms into a party venue where world-famous DJs spin.
    • Cala Vadella: This beach on the west coast of Ibiza has crystal clear waters and is an ideal spot for snorkelers. Around the bay you will find cozy bars and restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood.
    • Santa Gertrudis: This picturesque village in the middle of the island is known for its trendy boutiques, art galleries and cozy cafes. It is a nice place to walk around and soak up some “coulour locale.”
    • San Antonio: In addition to the famous clubs, you will also find a long beach promenade in San Antonio where many people come to enjoy the sunset and the vibrant nightlife.
    • Cala Escondida: This hidden cove is one of the most beautiful and secluded spots in Ibiza. The clear blue waters and beautiful views make this an ideal place for rest and relaxation

    In short, Ibiza offers much more than just beaches and clubs. You will also find great stores, fantastic restaurants, historical and cultural attractions, blissful (sea) temperatures and a relaxed atmosphere. Every reason to vacation here, then!

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