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San Antonio

Cafe del Mar, and sunsets. That is what San Antoni is famous for. And obviously, its lively nightlife. We have to say that not all of the town is equally attractive. We don’t rent out houses near to the town, because it is very touristy there and often busy. If that is your sort of thing, then it is of course a great location. There are very many bars, 2 large discos: Es Paradis and Eden, but also Ibiza Rocks with its live music can be found here. The Sunset Strip is probably the most popular spot in town, with live DJs, bars and great views across the sea, islands and the harbour. But the Sunset Strip is not the only place in town where you can eat and drink while enjoying beautiful views. The promenade in the bay also offers a selection of bars and restaurants. Favourites are Itaca, Ibiza Rocks Bar, Orange Corner, Tulip, Linekers, and Plastik Bar for dancing, and finally the Ocean Beach. They all offer something different: whether you are looking for a relaxed chill-out space, or a pre-club spot, it can all be found here.

The harbour

The San Antoni harbour is full of boats that can take you on a tour to secluded little bays in the north of the island. In winter, you can also kite surf in the harbour, when there is a brisk northerly wind.


If you are searching for a relaxed place outside the town but not too far away, Cala Salada is a beautiful location. You can enjoy the same sunsets as in town, but with an even better view thanks to your higher elevation against the mountain, yet without the crowds and with a touch more privacy. And the distances to other places are not as great as first appears. Ibiza town is just a 25-minute drive away. So, you will get there more quickly from here than from many of the coastal places in the west. San Rafael, with some large clubs such as The Privilege and Amnesia, is just 15 minutes by car. Or 15 – 25 Euros by taxi. 

In short

In summary, we can say that San Antoni has its good, and less good, points. If you are looking for peace and quiet, we do not recommend staying in the town, but outside it. And that is certainly possible! If you like the crowds and have a smaller budget, San Antoni probably offers many possibilities. Not with us, but there are many other providers!

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