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San Rafael

San Rafael is a small village on Ibiza, situated along the road that leads from Ibiza Town to San Antonio. With beautiful views that reach right to the coast, this small village has much more to offer than you might at first glance suspect. Even though it does not contain much apart from a beautiful church that dates to the 18th century, a few shops and restaurants and a handful of houses, this oasis of tranquillity is a great place for a wonderful meal, a drink, or to browse the varied artisan shops selling the ceramics that San Rafael is known for.

Convenient location

Even though San Rafael itself is only small, it is conveniently located. In around 10 minutes you can drive to Ibiza Town or San Antonio, and because San Rafael boasts more than its fair share of restaurants, this is a great area to stay in. In addition, it is only a short walk from here to two of Ibiza’s largest nightclubs, Amnesia and Privilege.

Culinary delights 

San Rafael offers up several excellent eateries, including the well-known Ca'n Pilot, which specializes in grilled meats, and which is popular with the local inhabitants as well as with tourists, which means making a reservation is recommended! A little further along the road, you can find La Belle Ibiza, where European, Mediterranean and Oriental influences tantalize the taste buds. If your preference is for authentic Italian cooking, you mustn’t miss the opportunity to visit La Mesa Escondida or the romantic Las Dos Lunas, just outside San Rafael.

Worth a visit

Even if you are not staying in the vicinity of San Rafael, it is definitely worth a visit. The village is small enough to be explored on foot, with a visit to the local church or the pretty artisan shops selling original pieces of artwork, before settling down with an ice cream, a refreshing drink or a delicious meal.

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