Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement Ibiza: Dive into Ancient History

Sa Caleta

Discover the hidden treasures of Ibiza’s rich past at the Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement, an ancient settlement listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you get a unique insight into the earliest history of the island. Located near stunning coastlines and vibrant cultural hubs, Sa Caleta reveals stories as deep and captivating as the blue waters of Ibiza itself.

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A Time Travel to the Ancient Phoenicians

When you set foot in the Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement, you take a leap back in time. All the way back to the 8th century b. Chr. even! This is not just an archaeological site, but a place where history becomes tangible. The ruins, scattered on a picturesque cliff, provide a rare glimpse into how Ibiza’s earliest inhabitants lived. These ancient sailors, known for their trade networks, established their first settlement on the island here.

The tranquility of Santa Eulalia

Just a few minutes’ drive from the peaceful town of Santa Eulalia, Sa Caleta offers a perfect combination of history and tranquility. Afterwards, you can visit the picturesque promenade and beautiful sandy beaches of Santa Eulalia. The ideal place to take a rest after a day of exploration! The city’s numerous restaurants serve local delicacies and represent an authentic experience.

Eco markt San Jose

Relaxation and Culture in Sant Josep

Close to Sa Caleta is Sant Josep, a village surrounded by some of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, such as Cala Tarida and Cala Vadella. The crystal clear, shallow waters of these bays invite you to spend an afternoon sunbathing and swimming. For lovers of culture, Sant Josep offers a charming village center with traditional architecture and cozy accommodations.

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The Beautiful Coastline of Ibiza

Of course, no visit to Ibiza is complete without exploring some of its famous beaches. From lively Bora Bora Ibiza to tranquil Cala Llenya, the variety of water activities and beach experiences is endless. Cala Comte and Cala Bassa, for example, are not only wonderful places to sunbathe, but also offer stunning views of the entire bay.

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A Culinary Adventure

After a day of exploration, nothing beats a delicious dinner in one of Ibiza’s many fine restaurants. From the fresh seafood at Cala Jondal restaurant to the fancy dishes in Ibiza Town, Ibiza’s culinary world will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

Connection to Local History

The Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement is not only an important archaeological site, but also a symbol of Ibiza’s deep historical roots. Close to the settlement, in villages such as Joan De Labritja and Josep De Sa Talaia, you will find a lively mix of old and new. In these villages, steeped in history, you can learn more about Ibiza’s culture and traditions.

The Magic of the Castle of Ibiza and Ibiza Town

Another historical wonder we would like to mention is the Castle of Ibiza, located in Ibiza City. This majestic fortress overlooks the city and the sea and tells stories of ancient struggles. A walk through the cobblestone streets of Ibiza City offers a fascinating contrast between and old and new.

Luxury Accommodations with Views

OneVillasIbiza offers a large selection of accommodations ranging from villas overlooking the sea to cozy B&Bs near Cala Jondal. Each villa and accommodation has been carefully chosen to offer the highest level of comfort and luxury – in many cases with air conditioning and private pool.

Exploring the Idyllic Bays

Ibiza’s coastline is dotted with idyllic coves such as Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta. Known for their crystal clear waters and natural beauty, these secluded beaches are perfect places to escape the crowds for a while. Whether you’re looking for a place to swim or just enjoy the peace and quiet, these coves are a serene setting.

Boat Rental & Car Rental Ibiza

Thanks to our local knowledge, we offer boat and car rentals in addition to cozy homes. Explore Ibiza’s coves from the water or its roads in style.

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Adventurous Water Activities

For the adventurous among us, Ibiza offers an array of water activities. From supping in the shallow waters of Cala Moli to snorkeling in Cala Olivera, the possibilities are endless. And for golf enthusiasts, there is House Golf Ibiza – one of the island’s finest golf courses.

Local Gastronomy: A Tasty Discovery

A trip to Ibiza would not be complete without an introduction to the local gastronomy. The restaurants are very diverse: from an intimate little restaurant in Santa Eularia to a trendy eatery in San Jose. Ibiza’s local cuisine is a real treat. Don’t forget to try the island’s specialties, such as fresh seafood and traditional Ibizan dishes.

The Perfect Stay

We at OneVillasIbiza strive to make your visit to Ibiza unforgettable. Our luxury accommodations are a perfect base for visiting the Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement. Or for an immersion in the vibrant culture of today’s Ibizan villages and towns! So contact us and experience a vacation that is the perfect blend of history, luxury and beach life.

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