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San Lorenzo

The area surrounding San Lorenzo is probably more interesting than the village itself. Before you know it, you have driven right through the village and out the other side. There are about 6, no probably 7 houses there. Even so, many homes on our site are designated as being near San Lorenzo, because it is a central location on the island. San Lorenzo is also sometimes referred to as San Llorenc de Balafia. Balafia hails from olden times, when the village was Moorish. The village consists of these 7 houses, of which two contain towers that people could flee into if they were attacked.

La Paloma

As far as we are concerned, La Paloma is one of the nicest places in San Lorenzo. A beautiful garden, freshly squeezed juices and very tasty (organic) food. “Love and Care” is the motto, a place to make you feel at home. Also open in winter.

What else?

What else can we say about this cozy village? Not very much, really :). Take a trip through it, have some lunch, and enjoy the surroundings, which are beautiful and unspoiled. The road that leads from Santa Gertrudis to San Lorenzo is probably the most beautiful!

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