Cala Bassa

Beach type: Family / Trendy
Location: West of San Antonio

With its brilliant golden sand and clear clean water, Cala Bassa is a popular beach with swimmers. There is an enclosed area for swimming so you don’t have to worry about the boats. It is advisable to arrive early though if you want to get a lounge bed before all the people from San Antonio come to chill out. There are plenty of spots with shade if you get a little too hot in the sun. At the end of the beach you have rocks that are often dived from. People are also often fishing here. Especially during the summer, this is a really cozy family beach. Cala Bassa is also home to the famous CBBC (Cala Bassa Beach Club). This is a perfect beach to go to with kids. Check out more child-friendly beaches in Ibiza here.

Location: 15-minute drive from San Antonio
Facilities: sun beds, umbrellas, showers, toilets, changing rooms, lifeguard, restaurants and bars. Also easily accessible for the disabled.
Activities: Pedal boats, banana boat and a volleyball court.
Size: 300 meters long and 30 meters wide

Houses in the western part of Ibiza

182 m2
1 km of beach
Outdoor kitchen
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    500 m2
    0.4 km of beach
    6 days a week 8hrs p.d. cleaning, 8hrs p.d. chef, 8hrs p.d. waitress, 8hrs p.d. caretakers.
    420 m2
    9.5 km of beach
    1x p.w. 2 hours cleaning and change of towels.
    313 m2
    7 km of beach
    Outdoor kitchen
    3x p.w. 2 hours cleaning and 1x p.w. change of towels and bed linen.
    300 m2
    4.2 km of beach
    Outdoor kitchen
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  • 11
    350 m2
    10.3 km of beach
    Outdoor kitchen
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    Discover Cala Bassa: the ideal Ibiza beach destination

    Discover the enchantment of Cala Bassa, an oasis synonymous with beautiful beaches and fabulous views. This idyllic spot in western San Antonio, recognized as one of Ibiza’s most famous beaches, is the epitome of a sun-drenched paradise. The exact location here reveals a picturesque scenic route, where at every turn you can catch a glimpse of Ibiza’s fantastic seascape and the sun’s seductive golden embrace. Prepare for a vacation full of beauty and tranquility when you step onto one of Ibiza’s most fantastic and popular beaches.

    The pristine waters of Cala Bassa

    Experience the allure of the pristine waters of Cala Bassa, a sanctuary of calm and crystal clear waters that lures swimmers and water lovers alike. Whether you want to indulge in exciting water sports or take a serene boat ride on the azure waters, Cala Bassa promises a delightful adventure. The turquoise and crystal clear waters not only provide a refreshing dip, but are also pleasing to the eye and represent the essence of an idyllic beach experience. Here clean water meets golden sand, setting the stage for a perfect beach vacation where every splash echoes the joyous symphonies of the Mediterranean.

    Relaxation and leisure at the beach

    Cala Bassa cordially invites you to experience relaxation and leisure at its best. Set amidst a friendly beach environment and lush pine forests, this sandy beach offers an array of facilities for your comfort. Enjoy the sun kissing your skin as you relax on the comfortable beach beds, loungers or chairs available. Families will find this area particularly welcoming, with a family beach atmosphere that promises fun and safety for all. Take part in a friendly game of beach volleyball or just lie down on a beach blanket and enjoy the lively environment. The entire beach exudes relaxation and happiness, making it a favorite destination for a beach vacation.

    Villa of the week: Casa Tranquila

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    Villa Casa Tranquila is your own paradise in Ibiza! Here you will have little noise and enjoy an oasis of tranquility. Imagine a heated swimming pool where you can relax, surrounded by a beautiful garden with a petanque court. This villa has everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

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    Villa of the week: Casa Tranquila

    Now with 15% discount

    Villa Casa Tranquila is your own paradise in Ibiza! Here you will have little noise and enjoy an oasis of tranquility.

    Satisfy your taste buds: Eating and drinking in Cala Bassa

    Indulge your culinary cravings at Cala Bassa, where Mediterranean cuisine meets the vibrant beach lifestyle. From the exquisite offerings at the beach bar to enjoying a cool drink on the terrace, the food and beverage options here promise to be a treat for your senses. Enjoy the garden view while satiating your appetite with an array of delectable treats. Whether you enjoy a casual snack or a gourmet meal, the fantastic sea views add a magical touch to your dining experience.

    Unwind at the Cala Bassa Beach Club

    Step into a world of luxury and comfort at the exclusive Cala Bassa Beach Club. Known for its exclusive options and impeccable views, this haven offers direct access to a pristine and busy beach that exudes sophistication at every turn. From sunbeds to exclusive beach beds, the club offers facilities that are nothing short of excellent. As you lounge, the azure waters provide a picturesque backdrop that takes your beach experience to unprecedented heights.

    Planning your day in Cala Bassa

    Cala Bassa is not just another beach, it is an experience, a must-visit destination for any beach lover planning a trip to Ibiza. Known as a vibrant family beach, this family-friendly location offers several options to make your day unforgettable. From arriving early to avoid the busiest beaches to finding cozy hideaways for a relaxing afternoon, planning your day at this popular beach promises a day of fun and sun-drenched adventures.

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    Lovely house in a nice place!
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    Mark RopkeVista Moli
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    Lovely authentic Spanish house with great views and facilities in a wonderful location.
    Wouter Langezaal
    Wouter LangezaalBeniro
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    Super nice (and child-friendly) house with lovely garden and pool, in prime location.
    Lianne Naber
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    Beautiful house with all the trimmings. Clean, cozy, modern furnishings. Nothing to comment on. Recommended.
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    Nice cottage in a good location with the necessary pleasant outdoor spaces. Ideal for families who enjoy spending time outdoors.
    Robyn Havinga
    Robyn HavingaLlisa
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    Lovely house, nice atmosphere and beautiful spacious garden! Manager Nicolas super nice and helpful!

    Getting there: Location and transportation information

    Navigating to Cala Bassa is a breeze thanks to the well-constructed wooden walkways and extensive transportation options that are even suitable for wheelchair users. Whether you choose to arrive by port or take a scenic route that showcases the most beautiful beaches, reaching Cala Bassa is a journey that completes the ultimate beach vacation experience. Direct access to the beach provides a smooth transition from travel to relaxation and promises a day filled with sun, sand and the azure embrace of the sea.

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