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The hidden Atlantis! Craving a challenge to explore a special place? Then Atlantis is totally the place for you. Near Es Vedra, you will find a small beach that can only be reached on foot venturing down a steep decline.

Once you start down the path, you will immediately notice why this is one special place. Atop of the hill, you will find circles consisting of stacked stones. It was once created by hippies, but anyone who ventures to the circle and adds an additional stone contributes to its daily growth. Feel free to add a stone on your journey down this steep slope!

Once you arrive at the bottom, you will be rewarded with the experience of a highly unique place in Ibiza. This is namely referring to the area where the Phoenicians used a mysterious technique to haul out massive blocks of stone from the rocks to build the city walls of Ibiza. This explains the strange rocks that you see, which are reminiscent of sunken buildings under the sea. The Torre des Savinar (the pirate towers in Es Vedra) were also made from these rocks, and it remains a mystery to this day as to how these tons of heavy rock ended up on the hill. Due to the carved out sections, a type of “bath” formed where you can go for a swim if the sea is calm. And since the baths were relatively shallow, they almost seem like a heated pool. Pretty nice to be in during rather cold months of the year!

It is a must for you to bring ample water, snacks, good shoes and swimwear if you plan to visit Atlantis! These items will give you the ultimate sense of reward once you arrive there after the walk. And believe us, you will earn the reward! After all, you will certainly need it before making the climb back up…

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