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Carnival in Ibiza?

Date: 10-02-2018

Carnival in Ibiza? Carnival is a very important celebration in Ibiza. As in many southern Catholic countries, it is celebrated for five days around the first Sunday of Lent. The Sunday and the Wednesday after the carnival weekend are the best days to visit Ibiza Town. A carnival parade sets off on Sunday at the […]

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Our Top 15 Christmas and NYE parties for you!

Date: 16-12-2017

Our Top 15 Christmas and NYE parties for you! The Spanish holidays “Día de la Constitución” (Day of the Constitution, on 6 December) and the “Immaculate Conception of Mary” (on 8 December) are only just gone, and already we’ve received the first greeting of “Feliz año Nuevo!” from the girl behind the supermarket counter. “Happy […]

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Our Graffiti-tour around the island

Date: 28-11-2017

Our graffiti-tour around the island of Ibiza There are a few museums on Ibiza. But you can also find art in the streets. Wall paintings, graffiti, even a window or a door of a small shop becomes the canvas for an urban artist. Today we want to give you a tour around the island (with your rental car) […]

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Our search for Atlantis

Date: 03-10-2017

Our search for Atlantis on Ibiza Atlantis of Ibiza, a mythical place where every tourist has heard of, but no local will tell you where it is. So of course, after living more than 5 years on the Island, we from One Villas Ibiza wanted to find this spiritual core of Ibiza. With some vague directions, […]

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