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Top 5 Outdoor Kitchens Ibiza

Date: 12-04-2022

The most beautiful villa’s with outdoor kitchen of Ibiza With sunny days on a beautiful island like Ibiza, don’t you just want to be outside all the time? Sunbathing by the pool, reading a book on the veranda, eating outside and lingering over those long summer evenings. Such a shame to spend an hour in […]

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The miracle frequency & theatrical dining experience – 528 Ibiza

Date: 04-04-2022

As dusk begins to fall over the rolling hilltops of Benimussa and the golden sun begins to sink into the horizon, just when the mythical energy of Ibiza begins, so does the dining experience of 528 Ibiza. Guests are taken on a series of multi-sensory experiences where entertainment, high-end gastronomy and the island heritage come […]

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Our top 5 ecological farm restaurants

Date: 22-01-2020

From the land to the kitchen, from the kitchen to the table. Some farmers started to grow biodynamically as early as the 1920s, this as a counterpart when fertiliser was emerging. This was also the case on Ibiza. And during the 1960s, when artists and hippies discovered the island, the first farms arose that grew […]

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3 restaurants to experience in Ibiza

Date: 11-12-2019

3 restaurants to experience in Ibiza Seasonal, regional and original cuisine Ibiza has no more secrets for us. Knowing the island in its tiniest details, it is without any hesitation that we put forward the following 3 best restaurants that will surely know how to amaze your taste buds, but also treat and satiate you […]

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