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Trying to make a family trip to Ibiza? This lovely island is highly suited just for that. Ibiza isn’t just for groups of friends who like to come party day in and day out. Ibiza is much, much more. There are lovely beaches, restaurants with wonderful cuisine, and quite many places where you can stay with the entire family. And Ibiza is small, so you will never need to sit in the car for long with the kids to get to the beachfront, which they’ve looked forward to for oh so long.

Where might you go best with the fam?
There are various places on the island that are family friendly. In fact, we always find it hard to narrow it down to any one particular spot. This is because there are plenty of places for you to go.

Still you might ask, what’s the best spot to us? Personally, Santa Eularia, San Carlos, and San Lorenzo towards the east quickly come to mind. On that side of the island, there are a plethora of beaches such as Cala Llenya, Cala Nova, Cala Martina and Cala Mastella. These beaches are a bit more tranquil, scattered with cool beach pubs, yet doesn’t get overrun with the large crowds you might see in Salinas, Es Cavallet, Cala Jondal or in the two island towns Ibiza Town and San Antoni. If your kids are a bit older (around 18 years old) and you like the hustle and bustle of larger crowds, then these beaches can be rather fun too.

The northern parts are always great for this. There are not as many beaches in the north, but the ones that are there are definitely kid friendly.

Cala Llenya Ibiza

Are suitable homes available for families, and is there a price difference?
Travelling with a family is always relatively expensive. Even in Ibiza, you are often paying for location. Around Ibiza Town, or within an approximate 15 km radius, there are significantly higher prices. If you just want to enjoy the island and don’t have all that much of a desire to hang out in the city, then we recommend spending time in the north, the east, or in the central part of the island. Especially around San Juan, San Carlos, and in the east of Santa Eularia, the prices are somewhat lower. If budget isn’t so much a concern, then there are also a whopping number of gorgeous, quiet spots for you and your family in the (south)west.

Heated pools.
Something that’s very popular with kids is a heated pool. This especially comes to mind for the spring season, around April and May, when it can still be a tad cooler and the pools can be mildly warmed up. We have several houses with heated pools:

Can Rumani Ibiza

Fun activities with the family in Ibiza.

There are several fun activities for kids. There is the obvious, such as going with them to the beach, but if they can’t be tame and are just itching for more, then we can suggest a few fun things to do. How about a day of cliff diving, for example (not huge cliffs, but rather ones appropriate for kids!)? You can do this with an instructor for a half day or a full day. Link: Cliff diving Ibiza!

What about a day of sailing? You have many options at your disposal. You can’t go wrong with a catamaran, in our opinion. Lay out on the nets between the floats of the boat, take a quick trip to Es Vedra or Formentera, and enjoy a wonderful day with each other. Link:  Catamaran rental Ibiza.

Or check out our other web page for more activities with kids.

Catamaran Ibiza

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