Ibiza 2020 with Corona

What brings summer in Ibiza with the CCP virus.

A different summer than we are used to

If you had told us in 2019 that a year later all the major clubs in Ibiza would be closed no one would have believed you. Now that summer has begun, the world is also looking at how to fill your vacation. In many vacation spots within Europe, mouth guards will be partially mandatory. This is no different in Ibiza either.

This season in Ibiza is going to be different than usual. Parties will certainly be there but will be limited to 300 people. Think of some smaller clubs but of course also beach clubs and pubs. Dust masks are mandatory in many places but fortunately not on the beaches.

Information regarding mouthguards

With flying

At the airport, in Ibiza & the Netherlands, it is mandatory to wear a mouth mask everywhere. Different airlines may require different face masks. For example, we ourselves have found that face masks approved at KLM are again not allowed at Transavia. So bring both medical and non-medical mouth caps.

During your flight, you will be given a health certificate. Upon arrival in Ibiza, you will return it. If you order something to eat or drink during your flight, you can take off your mouthpiece. Otherwise, it is mandatory to have these on. It goes without saying but mouth caps should cover your nose and mouth.

Your temperature may be measured before you fly. Keep in mind that the overall process is slower than normal.

Mouth caps in Ibiza

All persons over the age of 6 are required to wear mouthguards. Social distancing applies everywhere. At restaurants, bars, etc., you will also see that all the tables are set to this.

Where should you put on a mouth mask?

  • On the streets, everywhere except the seaside promenades
  • In all stores, especially supermarkets, they are very strict
    • Every store and supermarket has hand gel to disinfect.
  • In the car as a non-family
  • Public transportation

When are mouth guards not applicable?

  • On the beach
  • Walking along the boardwalk by the sea
  • While eating or drinking, including in restaurants
    • Tables are set up for social distancing.
  • While exercising
  • At natural areas
  • In and around swimming pools

The fine for violating these rules can be up to 100 euros.

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Our tips to still make it a top summer!

Ibiza is less crowded this year than previous years. Popular beaches, however, will always be a bit on the crowded side. We have compiled for you some “away-from-the-masses” beaches where you can have a great day.

Ibiza 2020 met Corona

1. s’Estanyol

S’estanyol is all fun again! In past years, this was a bit of a sad beach with a shabby beach bar. Today, Cala Bonita is located on the beach. Highly recommended! The beach at s’Estanyol itself is now also looking neat again. This beach is located near Jesus / Talamanca.

This beach has gained new momentum. A very nice beach club, Cala Bonita, and a fine sandy beach.

Near Jesus / Talamanca

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    2. Cala Oliveira

    Want to be really sure you’re far from the crowd? Then head to this beach. There is a small stretch of sandy beach but the nicest spot is with a towel on top of the rocks. The beach is surrounded by rocks and therefore nice and windless. The beach is at the east end of the island near Roca Llisa. This is an official nude beach.

    Ultimate tranquility and nude sunbathing

    Next to Roca Llisa in the east

    3. Cala Gracioneta

    Cala Gracioneta is one of those nice hidden Ibiza beaches. You can get here by climbing over the rocks via Cala Gracio or by choosing the door with beach on it at the restaurant “Chiringuito Gracioneta.” Perfect beach also to go with kids. You have a fine sandy beach here and enjoy the tunes of the restaurant. In the sides carved into the rocks are cozy spots where you can enjoy a snack or a drink.

    Fine sheltered cove with delicious restaurant

    A little above San Antonio at Cala Gracio

    Boat Rental & Car Rental Ibiza

    Thanks to our local knowledge, we offer boat and car rentals in addition to cozy homes. Explore Ibiza’s coves from the water or its roads in style.

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    4. Pou des Lleo

    This is typically a beach where appearances are deceiving. When you arrive that there is a lot of seaweed on the beach. On the left, walk a little further up the rocks to where the sea begins. Here you will find a flat rock where you can lie on. Pou des Lleo is one of the most beautiful spots for snorkeling on the island. There are many fish seaweed. Always quiet, a good place to unwind.

    Perfect snorkeling spot

    To the east over San Carlos

    5. Punta Galera

    Ok, Punta Galera is not really a beach. Still, you can enjoy nature here on your towel. Punta Galera is best described as a large place with many different rock formations. Usually the rocks are flat, offering plenty of room to lie down. Do bring sunscreen because there is no shade here. Also a popular spot also for cliff divers.

    Whimsical beautiful rock formations

    A little above San Antonio

    6. Cala d’en Serra

    The latter spot is the northernmost beach on the island. The road to it is an experience in itself. When you arrive you see a large empty abandoned hotel. A little further down, the beach begins. A cozy tucked away sandy beach with a cocktail bar where you can get refreshments. This is also a super place for snorkeling. The right side of the bay is especially beautiful. Ideal place to spend the whole day.

    Beautiful tucked-away beach and perfect for snorkeling

    North of San Juan

    Make your stay at your villa even more special!

    Of course, it is wonderful to spend a day relaxing around your vacation home with friends and family. To make this even more special, we can offer a number of options.

    Ibiza 2020 met Corona

    Private chef

    Deliciously pampered with a chef coming to cook for you. We have a number of different chefs, each with their own specialties. From typical Spanish tappas to sushi. The chef brings all the ingredients to your villa. You don’t have to think about cleaning up either. This is all taken care of for you.

    Movie / karaoke night

    Cozy up for an evening of movie watching under the stars in the garden of your own villa. We can bring you a wide range of movies, this includes reclining bags and a popcorn machine. Fancy something more active? How about karaoke? Pick out your ideal costume outfit grab the microphone and live to 1 of 36,000 songs that come along. Fun guaranteed.

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