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Review of the high season

Review of the high season

The Ibiza streets are deserted outside of the Ibicencos who are having their well-earned coffee along the street. As residents of the island, one thing is certain, the season is over. A great time to look back on summer season 2016. What were the biggest events and what places did we enjoy visiting. General: New

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Polonaise and sing along to carnival hits at the local regular pub. Carnival, a festive time of year where many people put aside their shame and dare to be the most dressed-up version of themselves. Did you know that this great party is also celebrated in Ibiza? Ibiza is brimming with culture, and Catholic outdoor

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Goede voornemens op Ibiza

Good intentions in Ibiza

The new year has begun again, and of course with it the good intentions start. In Ibiza, there are plenty of things to keep your resolutions full all year long. Have you resolved to eat healthier or more natural foods, exercise more or ride your bike more often in 2015? Then read on quickly! The

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