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Ibiza, a breathtaking island with a little something for everyone. Beautiful beaches, cliffs, unspoiled villages, restaurants, lovely countryside and lively nightlife! Ibiza is well known for its extravagant people, big and beautiful nightclubs, and wild parties.

If you are planning to rent a holiday villa in Ibiza, then you have come to the right place. Ibiza is in our hearts. Some of us are living there for some time, others come there often. We love the island and we really like beautifull houses. Old finca's that are cosy, or modern villas with a fantastic sea view. For 2017, we have extended our portfolio with several exquisite, nicely priced villas and fincas. Although the range of villas we offer is broad, we are selective and only offer villas we would personally vouch for. You will always find your ideal holiday rental at our site. You can even count on us for finding a luxury villa.

Two options: search on your own or let us do the digging for you

Option 1: you search our site for a suitable villa in Ibiza. If available, you can book it through us. Option 2: don’t have time to scour our website (or other sites) for the ideal villa? With us, all you have to do is indicate your wishes on the request form, and we will do the scouring for you! In a matter of a few hours, we will forward along the best options that suit you. If the house you want is floating among those options, you can then book it directly through us. If none of the options are quite right for you, then we will dig some more for ones that are not featured on our web.

Local experience

When you book a luxury villa or holiday rental through us, then for most of the rentals, either we or one of our contacts on the island will arrange to accompany you to your villa or apartment. Also, if you have any questions during your stay, please feel free to contact us. So take pleasure in your well-deserved vacation; we will make sure all is perfectly arranged. We also can help you with boat rental in Ibiza.

We offer a broad selection of boats.


We have seen all of the villas that we offer in our prospectus. In addition, our motto is: “A returning customer is worth their weight in gold”. If a home is not up to par as per our standards, then we exclude it from our records. Due to this pre-selection, you don’t have to worry about buying a pig in a poke. If there are any problems with the house, you can always contact us, and we will always try to resolve the problems as soon as possible!

Car rentals

Of course, we can also take care of rental car arrangements. For more information, see our car rental page.


New concept at Vino & Co

We have known Vino and Co for years. It is a wine bar with a stylish liquor store in Can Bellotera, on the way to Sant Josep. Founded by Jeroen and Rosa Hamersma in 2009. Also known for organising the New Year’s dive on the beach of Las Salinas. Through the years, Vino & Co …



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