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Cala Carbo

Cala Carbo is situated along the south-westerly coast of Ibiza. It is not really a village, more a beautiful, secluded bay with a beach, some small restaurants and a parking area. You reach it by turning off from the road that leads from San Jose to Cala Vadella, and then following this narrow road to the coast. This is one of the beaches on Ibiza that is not as well-known to tourists, which means you can often enjoy the sun and the sea here in peace! Because the parking area is not large, it is recommended you arrive reasonably early in the peak season, particularly at weekends, if you want to be sure of a space.

Beautiful family beach

Cala Carbo is an ideal destination for family holidays, because the incline of the beach into the clear water is very gentle, and there are a great many rocks which the kids can clamber up and over. Snorkelling, and fishing from the tiny jetty, are also popular pastimes here both for local inhabitants and holidaymakers. The beach is small, but it is possible to rent sun loungers if you prefer to sunbathe on something more substantial than your beach towel. The sheltered location of the beach means that even in the early and late season, the temperature here is very pleasant. 


One of the advantages of Cala Carbo is the presence of two excellent eateries, which prove very popular with the locals particularly on Sundays, when it is usually necessary to book in advance. At the traditional Chiringuito Playa Cala Carbo you can enjoy local delicacies such as Bullit de Peix (fish stew) or Paella, while at the recently opened hip La Sardina Loca (The Crazy Sardine) a little further inland, the sardines are definitely worth a mention! The delicious aromas of the food will simply tempt you away from the beach sooner or later.

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