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Can Caus

Menu: Grill

On my way from Ibiza to Santa Gertrudis, I had noticed the restaurant on the left-hand side of the motorway (PM 804) and diagonally across from Sluiz before: Can Caus. A big white–and-blue building, with a lush garden and a huge car park, often full of cars around siesta time.

I fancied a small snack, but when I saw the menu in four languages, I thought I probably should have had a lighter breakfast. The menu consists mainly of lots of meat dishes, starting at €9.00 and going up to €24.50 - with the exception of the Ox Rib Steak. This costs €48.00, but for that price you do get a one-and-a-half kilo piece of meat grilled right at your table.

If vitamins are a necessary part of your lunch, make sure to order plenty of vegetables as a side order, because when you order the meat you will indeed only get a big plate of meat.

The staff, neatly dressed in black, were very helpful in explaining the menu and the specials of the day. I chose four types of home-made sausage from the charcoal oven (brasa) and sanfaina (grilled vegetables like aubergine, peppers, and courgettes but also whole cloves of garlic). Everything tasted great, but the salt in the sausages meant I was thirsty for the rest of the day.

Juan Luis, the proud owner of Can Caus, told me that he started the restaurant in 1987. They use super-fresh products from the island, they have their own farm with poultry and goats and they make their cheeses and sausages themselves. All other products like vegetables, meat and nuts come from nearby fincas. I was allowed to take pictures on the farm on my own, and he gave me an interesting tour of the small factory behind the restaurant.

Can Caus, a classic - slightly old-fashioned - family restaurant, widely visited by locals and extremely suitable for groups who love a large piece of grilled meat. Vegetarians may prefer to stay away!

Team Ibiza

Open 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT +1) (Mo-Fr)

Call us on: +44 20 3514 8361