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Cala d'en Serra

Beach type: Secluded / quiet
Location: North

This is a cool little beach in the north of Ibiza, surrounded by cliffs and overgrowth. The beach is properly designated on the signs, and it is easy to find. The last little bit requires traversing a small, sand path! Otherwise, Cala d’en Serra is a paradise for connoisseurs of peace and quiet.

Size: 45 m long and  8m wide.
Location: 8 km away from San Juan and 30 km from Ibiza Town.

Introduction to Cala d'en Serra: Ibiza's Hidden Paradise

In the north of Ibiza, nestled amidst a haven of natural and organic beauty, lies Cala d'en Serra, a favourite beach amongst nature lovers and those seeking a slice of paradise. Often hailed as a beach heaven, this secluded retreat promises a picturesque beach experience that feels almost untouched, a sanctuary away from the bustling majority of people, offering solace to families, elderly people, and every beach enthusiast in between. Uncover an Ibiza beach that embodies the very essence of a picturesque and serene seaside escape.

Getting There: Navigating to the Beautiful Beach

Navigating your way to this stunning beach is a journey that's as remarkable as the destination itself. Situated 8 km away from San Juan and 30 km from Ibiza Town, the beach is clearly signposted, offering a reassuring guide to those venturing to find this hidden gem. The approach involves a steep road, which eventually becomes a bumpy road, adding to the sense of adventure. The beach is accessible despite the slightly complicated access, with the final stretch being a sandy pathway that harmoniously blends with the surroundings. Whether by an asphalt road or a downhill road, each route to this secluded spot is a prelude to the beauty that awaits.

Beach Characteristics: Sand and Waters that Mesmerize

As you step onto the curved beach, the golden sand underfoot and the mesmerizing blue and azure waters greet you, presenting a canvas of breathtaking views. The beach, with its beautiful sands, is about 45 meters long and 8 meters wide, offering ample space to enjoy an entire beach day without feeling crowded. The tranquil and calm waters beckon for a swim, boasting crystal-clear turquoise and transparent waters that are inviting at any time of day. Here, you can experience the true essence of an Ibiza beach, characterized by its unique type of beach that appeals to both nudists and traditional beachgoers.

Sunbathing and Watersports at Cala d'en Serra

Designed for relaxation and aquatic adventures alike, this beach offers comfortable beach beds and sun loungers for those looking to bask in the sun. For the adventure seekers, the cool waters provide a playground for water sports and fantastic snorkelling action, offering a glimpse into the vibrant underwater life. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fantastic snorkelling spots found in satellite coves, offering a haven for underwater exploration and experiences that are nothing short of magical.

Gastronomic Delights: Food and Beach Clubs

After a day of basking in the sun or exploring the waters, refuel at a nearby beach bar, where you can enjoy simple meals accompanied by fresh smoothies or other delicious food offerings. The beach clubs in the vicinity promise a gastronomic adventure, offering culinary delights that cater to all tastes and preferences, ensuring that your beach day is complemented with flavours that are as vibrant as the surroundings.

Exploring the Surroundings: The Charms of Portinatx

Beyond the beach lies the charming region of Portinatx, ready to be explored. The steep and dramatic cliffs offer fantastic views, making for perfect photo opportunities. Discover satellite coves and bask in the breathtaking and amazing views that the area offers. Whether you are up for a leisure stroll or a photo expedition, the surroundings of Cala d'en Serra offer an organic beauty that is both refreshing and awe-inspiring.

Conclusion: Planning Your Trip

Planning a trip to Cala d'en Serra promises an unforgettable beach experience. As you prepare to visit this beach heaven, ensure to consider the access routes and the unique characteristics that make this beach a favourite among many. With its original design that seamlessly blends with the natural backdrop and the promise of a beach experience that caters to both beach for nudists and nature lovers, this destination is a must-visit. Remember, the journey, whether on a downhill or asphalt road, is an integral part of the adventure, leading you to a beach cove that promises clean water, comfort, and the pure joy of a day spent at a pristine Ibiza beach.

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