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Bottega Il Buco


In the cozy village Santa Gertrudis you can find a little piece of New York in combination with culinary Italy. This chic restaurant was founded in 1994 in New York by Donna Lennard and Alberto Avalle. Now this hip hotspot has made its way to Europe with Ibiza as its first destination. The interior breathes luxurious Italy with a family style twist. This is also to be seen in the menu which is all served family style (to share), so taste all different flavors! The dishes are all very different and go from seafood to pasta, but the real show stopper is the focaccia. The focaccia is charged by weight so choose your desired piece. What is special about this dish is that it is also low in gluten and very easy to digest. 

One last tip! Choose one of the wines from the extensive wine list selected by specialist Roberto Paris and your evening is complete. 

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