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528 ibiza


The team of top chefs - led by internationally acclaimed chef Gonzalo Aragüez and talented sous-chef Massimiliano Bartelloni - take you on a gastronomic journey that digs deep into Ibiza's roots. Culinary alchemy, while maintaining a strong sense of Mediterranean authenticity.

All this during the vibrations of the healing frequency of 528 Hz, with professional dancers, hilarious comedians, acrobatic contortionists who act out the myths of Ibiza's ancestors and much more!528 takes place on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Thursday nights from 7.55pm and starts on 6 August. - The grand opening date is yet to be announced.

There is nothing like this in Ibiza - and we dare say - not in the whole world.

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Team Ibiza

Open 09:00 – 17:00 (GMT +1) (Mo-Fr)

Call us on: +44 20 3514 8361