The Ibiza 2022 hot spot list

We would love to show you the most beautiful places in Ibiza through our shortlist of our favo hotspots. The 12 coolest things to see or do in Ibiza.

12 x Hotspots Ibiza for the summer of 2022

New spots on this hot spot list

A new season, a new hotspot list! Our team (all residents of Ibiza) has been busy visiting all the new spots and see if they can make it to this list of absolute hotspots.

Some places are more dazzling than others. In our selection, we chose diversity and again across the island. And there are certainly some great places to discover in Ibiza! From cool, hip new restaurants, must-see natural areas to über trendy places-to-be. We are happy to help you a little in this regard.

Check them out here:

Our Ibiza hotspots 2022 are:

  1. A Mi Manera // San Lorenzo
  2. L´Apero // Ibiza town
  3. Atlantis // San Jose area
  4. Cala Nova // surroundings Es Canar
  5. Chamboa // Talamanca
  6. La Cava // Ibiza town
  7. La Chickeria // Santa Gertrudis
  8. Ibiza Stonehenge // surroundings Cala Codolar
  9. Keto Kitchen (closed) // Santa Gertrudis
  10. Numero 74 // Santa Gertrudis
  11. Radio ME roof terrace // Santa Eularia area
  12. WooMoon // San Jose area

Ibiza hotspots overview

Wondering what made it to our list each year? View previous years. Ibiza hotspots 2022
Hotspots Ibiza 2022

1. A mi Maneria

A super romantic place that was not to be missed on this hotspot list. A Mi Manera is a farmhouse restaurant, where you sit relaxed with a direct view of the vegetable garden. Great care is taken to use organically cultivated produce from the vegetable garden and orchard and use quality local products. The napkins are durable and the tablecloths require little washing, saving water. Internationally acclaimed creative director Manu Crotti wanted to create a “pop-vibe” in the interior by using colors and the power of nature combined with art. With an expert chef and friendly staff, A mi Manera is a delicious dining experience.

Why go?
Also a meeting place for art lovers from different cultures and nationalities.

On the road from Santa Eularia to San Juan.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

2. L’Apero

L´Apero (French for aperitif) from the old owners of the French restaurant Pastis, which unfortunately had to close in 2019 because the landlord doubled the rent. Familiar Pastis faces sommelier Martin, chef Armel and his Brazilian wife and also host Giselle have now opened in another location in the heart of Ibiza with a French “canteen.” Prices are a lot lower than at Pastis and the atmosphere is casual. The music can sometimes be loud with a noisy crowd, but it can also be so that customers spontaneously dance on tables and it becomes an intimate, crazy party.

You have to be a bogeyman and love meat, cheese and cream, as there are few fish or vegetarian options. Typically what you expect from French bistro food, rich and full of flavor.

Saturday night they sometimes have a Raclette night (melted cheese and sausages) with an all-you-can-eat buffet for €20 per person.

Why go?
It regularly turns into a crazy party here!

Ibiza town.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

3. Atlantis

Want to see a unique piece of nature in Ibiza? Go look for the hidden spot of Atlantis. Be sure to put on your hiking boots and bring plenty of water; it’s a spirited trip. Atlantis is located in the neighborhood of Es Vedra. Where for Es Vedra you turn right for the viewpoint, for Atlantis you go left uphill until you arrive at the stone circles. From there it is a steep descent straight down. About 2000 years ago, large stones were carved here by the Carthaginians and dragged to Ibiza town to build the city walls. This gives atlantis its unique vibe. The carved sections now form natural pools. Faces and various works of art have also been carved around the rocks. Excellent trip for the adventurous among us. We recommend combining this with the viewpoint of Es Vedra since you are in the area anyway.

Why go?
Beautiful hike to a unique part of Ibiza.

San Josep, at the parking lot of the Es Vedra viewpoint turn left.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

4. La Cava

In the square of Vara del Rey you will find La Cava. A cozy tapas restaurant with a terrace. Ideal for sharing appetizers with a group of friends. You have a nice daily menu here for 15.50. Had a party the previous day? Order breakfast smoothies with names like “Wake up” and “Hangover.” The interior is warm and cozy. The products coming out of the kitchen are 80% locally sourced from the island. The vegetables come from their own vegetable garden and the fish directly from the harbor. The perfect lunch (and dinner) spot while visiting Ibiza town.

Why go?
Quality tapas in a cozy environment.

Vara de Rey, Ibiza town.

Ibiza town

Ibiza’s iconic old town, Dalt Vila, has been around for thousands of years and is definitely worth a visit. In the bustling city, you can enjoy shopping, watch beautiful boats (and people!) in the harbor while enjoying a drink, have dinner al fresco at one of the many restaurants and, of course, dance into the wee hours of the morning.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

5. Chambao

This place was not to be missed on our hotspot list. Chambao is the restaurant belonging to Nobu hotel in Talamanca. A beautiful fancy place right on the beach. An extremely laidback spot where you come to enjoy a long lunch and a big pitcher of sangria. Feet in the sand! The cuisine is Spanish, paellas, salads from the island and a wide selection of freshly caught fish. For the children, there is a kids club where they can play. The decor is incredibly summery and extremely cozy and stylish.

Why go?
Lovely laidback summer atmosphere!

Talamanca the beach near Jesus.


Talamanca is a long sandy beach just east of Ibiza town. On the boardwalk you will find a number of cozy restaurants. The water is shallow, calm and clear. The ideal place for a beach day (even with small children) and a delicious lunch by the sea. Talamanca is a popular spot for a reason.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

6. Cala Nova

Of all the beaches on the east coast, Cala Nova is our favorite. The water here is the clearest, and in the last few years a number of trendy joints have sprung up. Cala Nova is hot! It’s a place for everyone, super to go with kids but also with a group of friends. It can get a little crowded in season, by the way. You will find popular restaurants such as Aiyanna and Atzaro beach, among others.

Why go?
Clearest water of east coast beaches + super beach clubs.

East side Ibiza

Cala Nova

Cala Nova is one of our favorite beaches on the east side of the island. The water here is very clear and in recent years a number of fine restaurants have opened its doors. Make reservations at Aiyanna, Atzaro Beach or L’Amorigen. A day at Cal Nova is highly recommended.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

7. La Chickeria

La Chickeria is a concept blown over from Amsterdam (Van ‘t Spit). This hot spot is the-place-to-be on Friday nights. Here you eat an Ibiza chicken roasted over charcoal that has had a good life. This restaurant is also located in Santa Gertruds. A village that is doing well on our hotspot list this year. You can also enjoy tasty cocktails here. Perfect restaurant to go to with the kids too.

Why go?
Nice people and delicious chicken!

Santa Gertrudis.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

8. Ibiza Stonehenge

Looking for another great place to add to your instagram collection? Then you certainly can’t skip Ibiza stonehenge. This artwork was built (illegally) by the owner of Cirque de Soleil. The artwork is also called “Time and space.” It is located near Cala Codolar and consists of 2 sections. The stonehenge section where the largest pillar is 20 meters high and whose top is covered with 24 karat gold. However, you enter through a big imposing old door. Keep your camera at the ready here. The hidden beach of Cala Llentia is close by. Guaranteed beautiful pictures for your instagram feed!

Why go?
Unique hidden spot in Ibiza. Perfect place to shoot snapshots.

Cala Codolar (see map below).

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

9. Keto Kitchen (closed)

This restaurant is located in the heart of the super cute village of Santa Gertrudis. The cuisine is completely sugar-free, organic and vegetarian, based on the Keto diet of the same name. Everything that comes out of the kitchen here is super styled. Looking for food porn for your instagram? This really is the-place-to-be! The restaurant itself is also styled to perfection. The perfect place to make your friends back home jealous.

Why go?
Sugar-free foodporn, perfect for your instagram feed.

Santa Gertrudis.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

10. Numero 74

This hot spot is a unique combination of a creative space an artisan store and, of course, a restaurant. This season Santa Gertrudis should not be missing from your list because this place is also here. In the morning you will enjoy a colorful buffet here. Wherever you sit here you are always among the plants. Again, this place is particularly attractive and cozy. You can take pottery and painting courses here, among other things. Usually these are on Saturdays. There is also a super fun play area for the kids. A unique place that you definitely must have visited.

Why go?
Cozy nicely decorated place.

Santa Gertrudis.

Santa Gertrudis

Not for nothing do many foreigners stay around Santa Gertrudis all year round. This small village is the ideal place to enjoy lunch and shop in one of the cozy little stores. Centrally located on the island and a must-see during your vacation in Ibiza.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

11. Radio ME roof terrace

The rooftop terrace of the ME hotel in Santa Eularia is spectacular. The view here is truly unsurpassed. A fancy place that often has live music in the summer. Bring your swimming gear because you can take a lovely swim in the pool and then chill on a Bali bed. The cuisine is fushion, tapas mixed with appetizers from around the world. This combined with a space choice of cocktails ensure that you can have a very nice day here.

Why go?
Enjoy a 360-degree view with delicious cocktails!

Santa Eularia.

Santa Eularia

Santa Eularia is the island’s third-largest city. There is a fine beach and also nearby are some beautiful beaches such as Es Niu Blau, Cala Pada, Cala Nova and Cala Llenya. The cozy town offers a wide selection of fine restaurants and quaint boutiques. In addition, here are some larger supermarkets for when you stay in this area until San Carlos / San Juan.

Hotspots Ibiza 2022

12. WooMoon

This is one of Ibiza’s most iconic parties. What we like is that there is a large outdoor section and the party starts as early as noon. So you can still enjoy the sun with a drink in your hand. What really makes this party special is the special decorations and the lavishly dressed acts walking around. Unlike most parties, this one has a fairly high Goa content. The celebration is every Sunday in season at Cova Santa.

Why go?
The most beautifully decorated party on the island.

Cova Santa, San Jose.

The anticipation …

If Ibiza will also be your vacation destination for this summer, don’t miss these hotspots. A good mix of all the good things Ibiza has to offer.

And perhaps it has now also dawned on you that it is not only a party Valhalla, but much more than that! Several chill spots that you really must have seen while visiting this beautiful island.

And the good news is you only have to fly two hours for it!

So now for the preliminary fun and then later especially enjoy the relaxed vibe on the island.


Frequently Asked Questions

Es Vedra, the magical rock is a real must see. In addition, of course, the most beautiful beaches: Benirras (this is where the hippies drum on Sundays at sunset!) Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella, Cala Conta, Cala Salada and Ses Salines are thickly recommended. An evening in Ibiza town and a visit to one of the many hippy markets (we think Las Dalias on Wednesdays is the most fun) should also not be missed.

To the beach. Ibiza is well known for its many beautiful beaches; Benirras (this is where the hippies drum on Sundays at sunset!) Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella, Cala Conta, Cala Salada and Ses Salines are highly recommended. There are plenty of nice beach clubs to spend a day at. In addition, you must have seen the magical rock Es Vedra, visit the hippie market Las Dalias (on Wednesday night!) as well as a night out in Playa D’ en Bossa.

The ideal trip length for a vacation to Ibiza is 7-14 days. Most villas are rented by the week, giving you plenty of time to explore the entire island, as well as to relax and enjoy yourself. It’s only a 2.5-hour flight, so you’ll be there in no time!

The options are endless, but here are some suggestions; dancing. Where. At the drumming hippies on Benirras beach, at Children of the ’80s at the Hard Rock Hotel, at the hippie market Las Dalias & club Akasha, at one of the many clubs like Ushuaia, Hi or O beach…. Or great eating out, La Paloma, and Aubergine are popular restaurants but take a look at our website for many more recommendations. People watching in the beautifully lit harbor of Ibiza City is also more than entertaining.

A lot. There really is something for everyone. The most beautiful beaches, the hippest beach clubs, hippy markets, caves, Es Vedra, a day sail to Formentera, world-class restaurants, dinner shows, yoga in ridiculously beautiful locations, water parks and eco farms with animals to pet for kids, of course fantastic clubs with top DJs…. We could go on endlessly.

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