Es Vedra Ibiza

The magical island Es Vedra

Es Vedra is undoubtedly Ibiza's most recognizable eyecatcher. The island is located about 2.5 kilometers off the coast near Cala d'Hort. From the beach you have a beautiful view. Es Vedra is completely abandoned accept for a goat population and some smaller wildlife. The island is about 400 meters high. On the mainland you have several wonderful viewpoints such as the old lighthouse and a colorfully decorated hippie cave. At the cave is a small bed and there is a guest book where you can write your thoughts down or read those of others. This is one of the places where Ibiza still feels really authentic. The plateau where you have the best view is a popular place for weddings and yoga sessions. A bit down (after a steep track) you will find, if you are lucky, the hidden place Atlantis.

What makes Es Vedra special?

Es Vedra, according to many, holds the presence of large quantities of metal which result in a strong magnetic field! It is said that it is even the third most magnetic place on earth. Only the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole would be stronger. If you sail around the island you will notice that instruments on board will be confused. There are also rumors around that Es Vedra is the point where UFOs often emerge. How seriously we should take this is to be seen but the locals swear by it.

Many people also experience a positive energy and say that Es Vedra has a healing effect on the mind.

Es Vedra myths and legends.

Traditionally there are many stories to tell about Es Vedra. In the Odyssey of Homer Es Vedra is home to Sirens and sea nymphs who lured sailors to a shallow sea grave with there mesmerizing songs. In Phoenician mythology princess Tanit was born here. Other sources quote that Es Vedra is merely the tip of the sunken continent of Atlantis.

Directions to Es Vedra

These directions are towards the main vantagepoint, the plateau. It is not easy to find and isn't clearly indicated. Still, you should be able to find it. If you take the road from San Jose (both sides), you come to a point at a point where you can no longer get hold of the paved road. See image 1. Take the dirt road with a lot of bumps in it. So drive carefully. After a few hundred meters you get to some sort of parking. If you go to the right here you can follow the path to the plateau. You can also go to the left where you come to Atlantis. There is also a big hippie circle. The idea is that you walk through and pile up an additional stone.

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