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Cala Boix

Beach type: Family
Location: Near San Carlos

Cala Boix is located near the village of San Carlos. It's renowned beacause of the greyish colour you can't find anywhere else on Ibiza. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and the decent is relatively steep which make it difficult to access. There is one beachbar where you can get some refreshments. At the parking lot are three fish restaurants.

Introduction to Cala Boix: A Unique Beach in Ibiza

Discover the hidden gem of Ibiza, the Cala Boix beach, renowned for its quiet ambiance and unique dark sand. Unlike any other place on the island, this gorgeous beach offers an intriguing contrast to the typical golden beaches that Ibiza is known for. Whether you are a fan of black sand or are looking to experience a different kind of beach landscape, Cala Boix serves as a popular choice. Nestled amidst the rugged cliffs, it promises a hidden beach experience where visitors can soak in the tranquil vibes and escape the usual busyness found at other holiday destinations.

How to Get There: Location & Accessibility

Located near the picturesque village of San Carlos and the wider region of Santa Eularia, reaching Cala Boix is a journey of its own. The route to the beach is a bit steep, potentially posing challenges for those with reduced mobility. Nonetheless, the descent is well worth it, revealing an authentic and unspoiled corner of Ibiza. Parking is convenient with ample beach parking spaces available, especially during the summer months, avoiding the hassle usually experienced in the peak season. Even in the coldest month, the area retains its charm, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city life.

Swimming at Cala Boix

Dive into the mesmerizing hues of turquoise, aquamarine, and emerald-green waters at Cala Boix, an ideal spot for both relaxation and adventure. The crystal-clear waters invite visitors for a swim, offering a refreshing respite under the sun. The beach is known for its calm ambiance, making it a sanctuary for those looking to unwind. Moreover, the tranquil waters offer a perfect backdrop for snorkeling. Whether you are a novice or an expert, the beach for snorkeling offers an opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater life that calls this part of Ibiza home.

Picturesque Views Around Cala Boix

Cala Boix is not just about the beach but also the incredible cliffs and landscapes that encapsulate it. Offering both beautiful and excellent views, it's a haven for nature lovers and photographers alike. The high cliffs that surround the beach create a natural amphitheater where visitors can enjoy panoramic vistas of the azure sea against the dark sands, making every moment picture-perfect. Don't forget to take a walk around to fully absorb the serenity and natural beauty the place has to offer.

Culinary Delights: Beach Bar and Nearby Restaurants

After a delightful day at the beach, satisfy your hunger at the beach bar that serves refreshments to cool you down. For seafood enthusiasts, the area is a paradise, boasting restaurants known for their exquisite fish dishes. These popular restaurants, a couple of which are situated conveniently at the parking lot, promise fresh catch of the day, making it a must-visit destination for fish lovers. Whether it's a light snack or a hearty meal, you can find it all here, adding comfort and luxury to your beach day out.

Other Nearby Beaches to Explore

While Cala Boix stands as a favourite among visitors, the island offers a variety of other beaches to explore. From gold-sand beaches to pristine white sand shores, Ibiza houses a beach for every preference. Cala Boix serves as a benchmark, often used in beach in comparison to others, offering a distinctive experience with its unique dark sands. Equipped with different amenities, each beach in the vicinity offers something unique, ranging from busier atmospheres to tranquil retreats, catering to all types of beach enthusiasts.

Planning Your Holiday at Cala Boix

To ensure a comfortable holiday, it is essential to plan your visit to Cala Boix wisely. With a relaxed vibe and a family atmosphere, it's a haven for those seeking a break from the usual touristy spots. Visitors can find all kinds of facilities to make their stay enjoyable, including areas to lay your beach blanket and outlets selling trendy beach wear. It attracts both active beach lovers and those looking for a laid-back day under the sun, making it a nice beach destination for everyone. Remember to visit during the summer months to fully enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the beautiful views that make Cala Boix one of Ibiza's favourite holiday destinations.

Villas near Cala Boix

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