Welcome to our affiliate program

We briefly show you below how setting up the collaboration works.

How to get started now?

Thank you for joining our partner program. Below we explain more about how this works. It starts by linking to our website with your own reference ID (more below). This can go to specific villas, the home page or any page on our website. The moment your website visitor clicks on the link to the OneVillasIbiza website, a cookie is placed that is valid for 46 days. This means that if your visitor comes to our website through the link and books a villa within 45 days we pay you a commission.

These are the points we are going to go through step by step on this page:

  1. The reference ID
  2. Photos of all villas
  3. Cookies
  4. Explanation partner environment
  5. Inquiries and bookings
  6. Payouts
  7. Popular houses by category

1. The reference ID

The default created reference ID

A reference ID is a piece of code put after a web link (URL ). This indicates that the visitor is coming from your site. By default, this looks like this with your first and last name (see below). You can find this code under the Assets heading (on the tapfiliate website). More on this below.


In an example to a house. https://www.huishurenibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-eden/?ref=voorenachternaam

This piece of code after the URL is your specific code. This allows you to track how many visitors you send and what inquiries and bookings come from them. You can put this piece of code behind any link on our website. Whether you want to link to a villa, home page or blog post. It’s all possible.

Change your reference ID

We recommend that you change your ID name to your website, for example. You can do this under the assets heading. Then click on advanced. If you click on the little arrow there you can change the name. So you must use this extension for each link.


Example with link

Linking to a villa.

In this particular example, we are going to link to a villa named in a text.

The reference ID is ?ref=firstname

The villa link is https://www.onevillasibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-rumani/

If we combine these, https://www.onevillasibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-rumani/?ref=voorenachternaam

In this piece, I want to link what I write here to the villa.

This looks like this in HTML.

<a href=”https://www.onevillasibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-rumani/?ref=voorenachternaam”>linking what I write here to the villa</a>

Example with photo

Links to villas.

In this particular example, we are going to link to a villa.

The reference ID is ?ref=firstname

The villa link is https://www.onevillasibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-rumani/

If we combine these, https://www.onevillasibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-rumani/?ref=voorenachternaam

So this is the final link your image should point to. (of course, the link should not be bold)

Per CMS, where you insert a link to an image is different. If you work with pure HTML you get the following.

<a href=”https://www.onevillasibiza.nl/huis-ibiza/can-rumani/?ref=voorenachternaam” target=”_blank”><img src=”https://www.jouwwebsite.nl/lokatie-van-de-photo.jpg”></a>

Welkom Affiliate Programma

2. Photos of our villas for your website.

Want to use photos of our villas for your own website? We have a Zenfolio account that you can download it from. These photos are obviously without watermarks.

Link: All villa photos
Password: IbizaSummer2021

Welkom Affiliate Programma

Select photos

Click here to select the photos.

Welkom Affiliate Programma

Download photos

Then you can choose to download all the photos or make a selection of photos. Click download to then save it.

3. Cookies

When a visitor from your website clicks to our website, a cookie is set. This cookie is valid for days. This means if visitors make a booking or request a villa within 45 days of their original request it will be awarded to you.

3. Explanation of affiliate environment

Within our system, we have two different types



This is where you come in by default when you log into your affiliate environment.

  1. An overview on metrics delivered today.
  2. Number of times people sent from your site to our site in the last 28 days.
  3. The number of conversions, requests and bookings, in the last 28 days.
  4. From which countries you send visitors to our website.
  5. Number of bookings awaiting approval.  (More on this below)
  6. The total outstanding commission amount we pay you.


Under this heading you will find your Reference ID

  1. This is your current Reference ID, by default this is your name.
  2. Here you can change it, for example, to the name of your website.


Under the heading conversions, you can see the number of requests and bookings and the corresponding status.

  1. Here you can see the total amount of the booking.
  2. This is the status of the booking. In this case, it has yet to be approved.
  3. With this comes more information about the commission amount.
  4. This is the commission amount excluding VAT. Your payout will include VAT.


Here you can learn more about the number of clicks and conversions.



Here you can see all the payouts we have made to you.

5. Applications and bookings

Within our system, we have two different types of conversions. Inquiries and bookings. Sometimes a booking comes in immediately, sometimes a request first. Applications we hope to convert to bookings. You receive commission from us on bookings made, not requests.

  1. Requests (specific to a villa or via contact forms).
  2. Bookings, on bookings you will receive commission.

The moment a booking comes in to us we ask the customer to make a deposit. This is about 30% (sometimes 50%) of the rent of the house. Six (6) weeks prior to the start of the rental period, clients will receive an email to pay the balance. Occasionally people have to cancel or reschedule their bookings (few, but it happens). For us, a booking is valid on the first day people arrive in Ibiza. From this point we can approve the booking and you will receive your commission.

Unfortunately, you cannot yet see in our system when the client leaves for Ibiza. We hope to add this feature in the future. Therefore, we will send you a summary of this every first of the month when requests and bookings are made. That way you know when your visitors are going to Ibiza and when to expect the commission.

Of course, if your visitor fills out an inquiry or contact form first, you will also get commission later when we convert this into a booking.

6. Disbursements

Payouts will be paid by bank transfer. Every first of the month, we verify your bookings in the affiliate environment. Bookings are valid from the day guests arrive in Ibiza. In the affiliate environment, you will see that your bookings have been updated. In the unlikely event of a cancellation we will also notify you of that. Should you require a credit invoice, we can prepare one. You will be paid by:

One of a Kind Travel B.V.

7. Popular houses by category

Are you looking for a particular type of houses? Like classic fincas or very child-friendly houses? Then check out our online spreadsheet. These are houses that always convert very well. If you have certain questions about houses you can always contact us.

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