Vegan catering, taste without compromise.

Delores Diana has been operating as a vegan chef in Ibiza since 2014. Her credo is that healthy food should not come at the expense of good taste!

Our outstanding vegan chef Delores

Delores puts colorful and flavorful menus on the table, based on vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. People experience her creations as surprising and nourishing, and are inspired by the different flavors. Delores works as much as possible with ecological products, gluten-free and sugar-free.

Want to learn more about vegan cuisine and cook together yourself. This too its possible. Delores offers 4-hour workshop in which one prepares a menu together. Or specialties such as healthy desserts and snacks. Of course, this is just at your own villa!


Brunch, Lunch and Dinner

A healthy start to the day, in the afternoon or to close in the evening.

Vegan Sushi Special

Sushi. A ´golden oldie´ in Asian cuisine. The vegan version brings new taste sensations, with rice or alternatives to rice.

Vegan Curry Special

Each chef has his or her own specialties. One of the Delores’ specialties is the vegan curry. A full-bodied curry with mild flavor notes.



From €36 to €85 per person depending on requirements.

The moment you book Delores, she will contact you to discuss options and requirements.

Apply directly:

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  • Different type of vegan dishes
  • Both breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Cooking classes at your own villa possible
  • Prices incl. VAT
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