Outdoor activities Ibiza

Parties, cocktails and a lot of nightlife? That’s possible in Ibiza! But did you know that it is also a great place for sporting activities? Diving, cliff diving, mountain biking but also hiking. Ibiza has beautiful nature and an outdoor activity is the perfect way to discover it. Below you will find a very wide range of unforgettable activities during your stay in Ibiza.

Mountainbike Ibiza


Bicycle rent Ibiza

You’d maybe not immediately think it, but Ibiza is a fantastic island for mountain biking and road bikes. The range consists of highly professional racing bikes and mountain bikes, but also ordinary children’s bicycles can be rented here. The bikes can be dropped of anywhere on the island, so even at your villa (at extra cost).

Bicycle rent Ibiza

Prive kok Ibiza


Diving in Ibiza

For courses taught in English, this will be just the place for you. Since the preference is for small groups in particular, all the attention is given to the individual diver. Also suited for renting dive equipment.

Diving in Ibiza


Walking Ibiza

Ibiza is a beautiful island for walking. If you really want to see Ibiza’s most special places it’s useful to have a guide. 

Walking Ibiza


Group activities

Group outdoor excursions, activities such as cliff diving, hiking, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding or mountain biking.

Group activities

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