Karaoke, everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, to be booked for an evening in your villa.

This in-villa party experience is perfect as a warm-up for a club night or as an after-dinner dance party at your home.

A karaoke night in your vacation villa

Club Karaoke delivers their karaoke set directly to your home. Within 1 hour everything is set up and connected and the equipment is picked up only the next day.

The set includes a 43-inch LED screen, microphones, microphone stands, disco lights and a smoke machine to transform your villa into a private karaoke club for the evening!

You can choose from 20,000 songs, with plenty of Dutch hits. With a wifi connection, the list becomes endless.

Karaoke Ibiza


The price of the complete package is €450 with deposit. A deposit is not required.
*For an additional €125 you can book a clothing rack full of glitter jackets, tutus, hats and other
dress-up items to get extra in the mood.

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