Hiring a babysitter in Ibiza

For those moments when you just want to enjoy some quiet time and can have conversations that are not about dolls, pacifiers or toy trucks.

Dutch babysitter in Ibiza

Going on vacation with the kids in Ibiza is an absolute must! But as a parent, you also want to enjoy the island carefree sometimes. A sweet Dutch babysitter then offers a solution. For example, are you going out for a night out or a long evening at a restaurant? Our babysitters will come to your villa to watch your children.

A Dutch babysitter is nice and will feel more familiar to your kids. All hours of the day are possible and even multiple days (internally) are among the possibilities.

Let us know when you need a babysitter and we will make sure it will be ready. Or fill out the form below, and a sitter will get back to you!

Note: babysitters often like to have some explanation, so have her come a little earlier so you have some time for that.

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