Quiet beaches in Ibiza

Some beaches in Ibiza are more crowded than others. Certainly popular beaches like Las Salinas and Cala Conta are a bit busier in high season. We have made a list of beaches where it is a little less crowded during the high season. Many times these beaches are in the northeast. Often these beaches are somewhat hidden and it is wonderful to take a walk nearby. In any case, they are the perfect places to grab a moment of relative quiet during the peak season.


1. Cala d’en Serra

This one of the northernmost beaches in Ibiza. Cala d’en Serra is a small but very beautiful beach. The last stretch up here can only be reached by a dirt road.

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cala oliviera

2. Cala Oliviera

This beach takes some searching! If you want absolute tranquility then you’ve come to the right place. The beach is located near Roca Llisa. It is not a fine sandy beach but more some larger pebbles. On the rocks are many flat stretches where you can sunbathe.

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3. Cala Xaracca

A small cove near Portinatx. This is a popular place for hiking; nature is beautiful here. Cala Xaracca has a natural mud pool on the left. A free outdoor spa treatment!

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4. Atlantis

Across from Ibiza’s most iconic rock is Atlantis. We mention in advance that this is not easily accessible. You walk down a steep but beautiful slope. Once arrived, it is an oasis of calm. What immediately stands out is the way the rocks are carved. At the very bottom there are even carved baths. There is no fine sand but plenty of places to sunbathe. Bring plenty of water!

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pou des lleo

5. Es Pou des Lleo

This beach is mostly known me the locals. A small bay with fishermen’s huts and boats, very full of character! There is a beach bar available and a restaurant a little further away. Again, not really fine sand but several spots for quiet sunbathing.

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6. s’Estanyol

Just to few minutes from Ibiza town lies s’Estanyol. A lovely little beach hidden just outside Jesus. There is a cozy restaurant where there are regular parties in high season. Still, you can spend the day here in peace and quiet during the day. A very nice area also to walk around.

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cala gracioneta

7. Cala Gracioneta

Cala Gracioneta is a hidden beach that you literally enter through the back door. The back door in this case of restaurant Chiringuito. Cala Gracioneta is a small beach with lots to do for kids. The rocks on both sides are great fun to clamber over. From here you can also walk to neighboring Cala Gracio. The water here is not clear so snorkeling is not possible but in the sand in front of the sea there are often a lot of children building sandcastles.

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8. Cala Vadella

The road to Cala Vadella is magnificent. Long languid curves and stunning views. Cala Vadella is a popular beach for the whole family. For parents, there are a number of restaurants and beach beds with umbrellas. Children have plenty of room to play on this wide beach. In high season, there are also buoys in the water with nets where you cannot swim further. A number of stores can also be found around the beach.

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9. S’illot des Rencli

If you really want to escape the crowds for a while, S’illot des Rencli is a good plan. This is more the private beach of the restaurant above. The sand is not very fine but still good for lying on. A little further on is a rocky plateau in the water used mostly by sunbathers.

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10. Cala Xuclar

Cala Xuclar is a small beach near Portninatx in the north of Ibiza. An auhthentic beach with some fishermen’s huts on the side. Here is quiet even in high season. Around the bay are also a number of stone plateaus for sunbathing. A true away-from-the-mass spot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ibiza is well known for its many beautiful beaches; Benirras (this is where the hippies drum on Sundays at sunset!) Cala Tarida, Cala Vadella, Cala Conta, Cala Salada and Ses Salines are highly recommended. These beaches offer not only a place to sunbathe on a sun bed, but also incredible views of the coastline and clear blue sea. The combination of white sand and beautiful sea make Ibiza a unique destination for beach lovers.

Benirras is without doubt one of the pearls of the beaches in northern Ibiza. Here hippies drum on Sundays at sunset, creating a unique atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else. The water is crystal clear and slopes slowly, making it an ideal beach for swimming and snorkeling. The beach life here is lively, and it is the perfect place for a beautiful beach vacation. Don’t forget to bring your sun hat for some extra protection while enjoying the sun, sea, beach and fun.

Benirras, one of Ibiza’s most popular beaches, is a real attraction. Not only because of the drumming hippies that give the beach a unique atmosphere, but also because of the beauty of the beach itself. The clear blue water reflects the sun’s rays, creating an enchanting effect. In addition, the gentle sea breeze provides a cooling effect, making a day at Benirras both relaxing and refreshing. It is the perfect place to enjoy sun, sea and music.

Cala Oliviera, Cala d’en Serra, Cala Xaracca, s’Estanyol and Cala Xuclar are quiet beaches where you can relax and enjoy nature. These beaches are ideal for those looking for a quiet place to sunbathe and get away from the crowds. Take a look at our website for our full list of beaches, where you can enjoy the beauty of Ibiza in peace.

Es Niu Blau, Cala Llenya, Cala Llonga, Cala Bassa, Cala Tarida, Cala San Vicent and Es Figueral are known for being child-friendly. Here we pay particular attention to a good beach with soft sand, accessibility (so not too far to walk from the parking lot), whether the beach slopes gently, and thus does not get very deep all at once. And preferably also with some extra facilities for parents.

Benirras, Cala Xaracca and Portinatx are not just any beaches; they are the gems of northern Ibiza. Benirras is undeniably famous for its hippie culture, with drumming hippies especially on Sundays transforming the beach into a lively and musical hotspot. The sunset in the process is an absolute must-see. Cala Xaracca with its beautiful white sand, is a hidden treasure for beach lovers. This idyllic bay is a top location for snorkeling enthusiasts, thanks to its crystal-clear sea and rich marine life. If you get hungry after snorkeling, there are several beach bars where you can sample delicious Mediterranean dishes. Portinatx is a pleasant family beach with crystal clear water and fine sand.

For those looking for a perfect sun, sea and beach experience, these northern beaches of Ibiza are the ultimate destination. Enjoy sunbathing, refreshing sea breezes and unforgettable Ibiza vibes!

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