Ca'n Pere Mussona, organic farm

Organische Boerderij

Ca’n Pere Mussona is an organic farm located between San Carlos and Santa Eularia. Among other things, traditional Ibicenco pigs and cows of Ibiza are raised here. The farm has ecological certification which means that all animals grow up in an environment free of chemicals and pesticides and sufficient space. Babylon Beach in Santa Eularia, among others, buys meat here.

Traditional Ibicenco breeds are preserved here.

The breeds traditionally bred are the Ibicenco black pig, the Mallorca cow and the Ibicenco sheep. Chickens, rabbits, goats and horses are also kept. All these local breeds are threatened with extinction, and this breeding program is thus supported by the University of Cordoba.

Education of Children

Ca’n Pere Mussona not only focuses on selling their products but also teaches children how to handle food consciously. To this end, they launched the “Food for Life – drom Plough to Plate” program. Kids of all ages will learn for free what an organic farm really means here. They see the tractor plowing the fields, the vegetables and grain being harvested, and the slightly older children can also attend a slaughter.

Vegetable and herb garden

There is also a large garden on the property. This is divided into a vegetable and herb garden. Various seasonal produce is grown here throughout the year. Among other things, the children here learn how to sow, care for and eventually harvest plants.

Guided tour

If you want to visit here with your children you would do well to let us know in advance. The best days for this are Thursday and Friday. To do so, call Richard at 0034 679 445 852.


Every so often there is also a cozy market here where you can taste and buy the products. Cozy drinks and tables at picnic tables with live music playing in the background. Also watch the video for an atmospheric impression.

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