The Ibiza 2021 opening list

Ibiza season is once again upon us. Slowly, the island is starting to come back to life and the first openings have been announced.

What openings have already been announced? Beach clubs, restaurants and parties

It took a long time, a very long time, but Ibiza is about to reopen again. Starting March 15, the terraces will be open again until 5 in the afternoon. In the coming weeks, more and more freedoms will resume. We did a tour of the fields a have listed the openings that are already known.

Many places have not yet announced when they will open. As we get more information we will also update the blog again.

Openings 2021

Openings 2021 beach clubs Ibiza

Driving along the beaches, you can see that in many places preparations are being made to open. Some, like Yemanja, are already open and you can visit between 12 and 5 for a sumptuous lunch in the sunshine.

Beach clubs

  1. Aiyanna // April 28
  2. Amante // April 23
  3. Elements // open
  4. La Escollera // open
  5. On the beach // open
  6. Sunset Ashram // open
  7. Beachouse // May 7
  8. Yemanja // open
  9. CBBC (Chiringuito only) // open
  10. Atzaro Beach // May 14
  11. Pura Vida // open
  12. Cala Bonita // open
  13. Coco Beach // April 29
  14. Cala Gracioneta // open
  15. Boat house // open
  16. Alma // open
Openings 2021

Openings 2021 restaurants Ibiza

Restaurants with terraces are already reasonably open, even if only until 5. Reservations are an absolute must because most places, especially on weekends, are full.


  1. Atzaro // April 22
  2. Nagai // open
  3. Cappuccino // open
  4. Eggplant // April 30
  5. Can Terra // open
  6. Wakame // open
  7. Casa Piedra // open
  8. Los Patios // open
  9. Ohana // open
  10. Cala Bonita // open
  11. Cas Costas // open
  12. Ca’n pilot // open
  13. Sa Punta // May 6
  14. STK // May 27
  15. Casa Jondal // April 29
Openings 2021

Club openings Ibiza 2021

There was much uncertainty about whether the clubs could open this year. Fortunately, this all seems to be going ahead and the following dates have already been confirmed. More dates are expected to be released in March. We’ll keep you posted!


  1. Amnesia (Paradise) // June 23
  2. HI (Glitterbox) // May 16
  3. Eden (Shine) // July 1
  4. O Beach // May 23
  5. Destino // May 27
Openings 2021

Openings (hippie) markets Ibiza 2021

Most markets in Ibiza are as-we-speak busy preparing for next season. We already have these confirmations in. From many markets, we expect to get news soon.


  1. Las Dalias // open
  2. Eco market San Josep // June 5
  3. San Jordi flea market // open

The anticipation can begin …

The summer is already pretty full, but there are still holes here and there. But look especially at the months of September, October, and perhaps even November. We expect a flood of bookings if the news becomes even more positive. And how nice is it to go to Ibiza in those very months? Our team is happy to help advise you on a beautiful home.


Openings 2021

Can Nou | Cala Jondal

10 people

Can Nou is a modern villa in a breathtaking location, yet close to beaches such as Cala Jondal, among others. There is also plenty to do for the kids in and around the villa. Plus a heated pool!

View Can Nou

Openings 2021

Casa Colometa | San Jose

8 people

This modern yet warm home has beautiful views of the sea and is close to a number of beautiful beaches including Cala Tarida with the Cotton Beach Club.

View Casa Colometa

Openings 2021

Can Mariposa | Cala Llonga

9 people

This is a beautifully decorated house in a fine location with wonderful views! And an ideal location, not far from Ibiza town and St Eularia. For fresh fruits and vegetables, Can Muson is just around the corner!

View Can Mariposa

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