Long term villa rentals Ibiza

Searching for long term villa rentals in Ibiza? We are specialised in renting holiday homes in Ibiza, whether you are looking for a finca or more modern villa, we’re happy to help you find your perfect match!

Ibiza is a great place to stay, all year round! We offer a great selection of villas, holiday homes and fincas for winter rentals, monthly stays and long-term rentals in Ibiza. Whether you are looking for a place in Santa Eularia, Santa Gertrudis, Talamanca or somewhere else on the island.

When to start looking for a long term rental in Ibiza

Long term villa rentals in Ibiza can be hard to find. But with over 10 years experience of renting villas in Ibiza, we have gathered the necessary expertise and much needed network. The best period to look for a long term rental is between September and October. This means that for the coming season, many villas have already been booked. However, we always have some options! So reach out to us if you are still searching for your your perfect match.

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Important for long term holiday home rentals in Ibiza

It is important that a holiday home is fit for winter, not every villa in Ibiza is suitable for the colder winter months. A lot of houses are built to stay cool in the hot summer period, therefore some houses tend to get quite damp when the weather turns colder. We offer houses that are suitable for winter, and will keep you nice and warm with central heating or a cozy fireplace. Another important factor is a license. Only licensed houses can be re-let, our houses are.

Let us find you a long term rental

We can help you find a long term rental in Ibiza!

We are able to find you a long term villa in Ibiza starting from €80.000 per year. This is a lot of money, but our years of experience have shown that looking for a long-term villa under this amount is very hard to find, and virtually impossible. The gas, water and electricity prices are commonly charged separately.  

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