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Ibiza is a beautiful island for hiking. But to really get to the most special places, it is helpful to have a guide. This way you will see the places you won’t usually visit. You can choose a private walking tour (alone or with your friends), or a joint tour that will leave at set times. If you wish, you can be picked up at your villa or start the hike from there.


A suitable tour can be put together for every hiking level. You can also be picked up from your villa and a picnic is also a possibility. There are some tough treks where you should bring good footwear but also plenty of easy treks.

Prices apply to groups of up to 8 people. Each additional person will be charged €10.

2 – 3 hours €180
3 – 5 hours €200

Joint walks are also organized on Saturdays and Sundays. By default, these tours start at 10:00. In the summer months, there are sunrise and sunset tours. This is to avoid the heat. An all-volunteer contribution of €10 is certainly appreciated on these tours.

Island walk
For the real die-hards hiker, once a year there is the full island hike. You will need to have reasonable fitness for this. Also keep in mind to carry a 10-12 pound backpack. In 2 weeks you will hike around the entire island. Two nights will be spent in a hotel. Along the way, meals are served at island residents’ homes, bars and restaurants. Spending the night is done in the wild. A car also comes by every 3 days to drop off water and food. Provide your own sleeping bag, backpack and medical insurance. The price of this is €1,400 per person.

Wandelen Ibiza

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