Vacancy General Manager

Are you looking for a challenging job on the attractive island of Ibiza? We are looking for a General Manager who will work with us to take our organization to the next level and shape a new experience of luxury, quality and sustainability.

One of a Kind Travel (onevillasibiza.en) has been operating in Ibiza since 2011 in the rental of premium vacation homes. Precisely because of our proven success, we now want to take the next step and appeal to a larger audience outside Ibiza and become the local hero in serving it.

We are looking for someone who recognizes this, wants to be our local hero and will help make this happen with and on our behalf.

The feature:

This role requires resilience, clear communication, solution orientation and entrepreneurship. In our view, hospitality is about empathizing with the widely varying needs of our clients (whether it’s a 3k/week or 30k/week villa), correctly assessing expectations (and testing them) and coming up with timely and realistic solutions that exceed the aforementioned expectations. In other words: under-promise, over-deliver, communicate clearly, be ahead of the question and get the thrill out of the smile on the customer’s face and the fact that they (continue to) book with us again.

The entrepreneurial character as we describe above also continues in the rest of the role. You will work as the manager of a (partly new) team in Ibiza with a focus on:

  • Leadership: You are the cooperating foreman/woman and leading example for the rest of the team. In addition to your role as manager, it will be up to you to create a culture within the team that revolves around quality, customer satisfaction, commercial growth and continued learning and improvement. A team that exudes and has a lot of warmth and fun in addition to solutions.
  • Commercial: We believe in transparency and clarity. To keep expectations mutually sharp and realistic, we will give you some targets around bookings, revenue, growth and expansion. In addition, we want to explore with you how we can most efficiently set up our organization and network to serve customers. Last, we expect you to be active in terms of new commercial opportunities in the current market and possibly new markets and work with the team to achieve the commercial targets on bookings, revenue and margin.
  • Entrepreneurship: As lead and business manager of our brand in Ibiza and in the rest of Europe, it is important that you get to know our network and build a new one where necessary to deliver (timely and cost-effective) solutions for clients or to meet new type of requests. In addition, you are permanently engaged in business development, looking for new commercial opportunities for next seasons you continue this culture within the team.
  • Customer Satisfaction: It is your drive and challenge to ensure that everything is right for each specific customer and that everything the team does is as agreed. You make sure they communicate clearly and in a timely manner. You know how to translate this into reviews and social mentions.
  • Balance: We are aware that this is a challenging job. Therefore, we want to work with you to ensure that both you and the team you manage find the right balance between work, relaxing, going out and enjoying the beautiful island. Yes the season (April through October) is 6 months of banging, but it is also important to take your rest in between, let things slide off your shoulders and enjoy what the island has to offer, along with us and your team. Especially after the season, of course, there is plenty of room for this, but also to take stock of the past season and look ahead to next season: what could be better, where are new opportunities?

What are we looking for?

  • An energetic lady or gentleman with a sense of hospitality and commerce
  • Someone with perspective. Yes customers are demanding, but you can also let things slide off your back and bang together with your team commercially but also after work when it’s fun-time.
  • Someone with management experience. You can train, mentor and manage your employees to create a culture where people grow and excel.
  • Proven track record in hospitality, logistics and/or commerce.
  • You have at least a college education and 3 years of work experience in a management position.
  • You are meticulous, independent and entrepreneurial.
  • You speak fluent Dutch and English and preferably also Spanish or German.
  • Someone who can start work as soon as possible.

What do you get?

  • A competitive salary, with good bonus structure. Together with you, we want to create something beautiful, and you get to benefit from that too.
  • A fun workplace (TheHub) in Ibiza.
  • An ambitious entrepreneurial team with the opportunity to grow even more and achieve great goals!
  • Working for a company that thinks just a step beyond just renting houses. We are committed to our beautiful island, and give something back where we can.

Emails and acquisitions from recruiters and agencies are not appreciated and will not be answered.

Candidates who cannot read, write and speak Dutch fluently will not be considered for the position.

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