San Jose Ibiza

San Jose (also called Sant Josep de la Talaia) is located in western Ibiza. We love this little village! It is small, cozy, and has a few good little restaurants and stores. Many beautiful houses are in the area. The village is old. Actually created by the church through which the population also grew significantly in the 17th century. At first there was one only in the San Antoni area, but the locals thought that was a bit too far by foot. Who can blame them!

The most famous restaurant is El Destino. Delicious tapas. Highly recommended! However, you will have to make reservations, especially in the summer months because the place is crowded. Destino has been making a name for itself for some years.

If you walk behind the church, you will find Can Manyanet, a nice restaurant where typical Ibicencan dishes can be eaten, such as Sofrit Pages – casseroled lamb, chicken, potatoes and saffron, for €5, while overlooking the flowers of the beautiful garden.

In Bar Bernat Vinya, old men gather to play cards for a while. And in the cool summer garden of Es Raco Verde, you can listen to Jazz and Blues while having a pleasant evening with your friends and family.

Is it also possible to shop in San Jose? Yes. There are all kinds of stores. From designer stores to simple tourist shops. If you really want to go shopping in a big way, you should go to Ibiza Town. Still, San Jose gives a nice shopping experience, where you can have a good time for a while. By the way, there are also a number of small supermarkets where you can do your vacation shopping.

The village is small and certainly not spectacular, but cozy you can see how the old inhabitants still live here. There is not much construction, including around San Jose, which preserves its authenticity.

By the way, the parish church of Sant Jose is a beautiful church to visit, should you want to do something more cultural. Unfortunately, many original works of art were damaged or destroyed during the 1936 Civil War.

You will probably drive through this town once, but also take some time to have lunch or dinner, a coffee, or rent a house not far from town.

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