Last Update: 01 January 2022

We receive many questions surrounding the Coronavirus. This page was created to answer the most common questions and give you peace of mind in Ibiza.

Special cancellation terms for new bookings

At a number of our properties, we have been able to negotiate very favorable cancellation terms with our landlords for all bookings made before 2022. This means that in case of a negative travel advice, or a lockdown in Ibiza, you are entitled to a full refund or rebooking, except for the service fee (a 10% based on the total amount).

The exact terms are as follows:

  • This regulation applies to all houses where the top of the house page specifically states, “Book with confidence. Special cancellation policy.”.
  • This arrangement is valid for all bookings made from October 15, 2020 with arrival dates between January 1, 2021 and November 30, 2022) This arrangement is not valid for last minute bookings (booked less than 6 weeks before the arrival date)
  • You are entitled to a rebooking or full refund of the rental fee if you must cancel your booking based on the following measures:
    • A code orange (or red) travel advisory from the Netherlands if you live in the Netherlands, or a similar advisory from Belgium, or your country of origin. This represents strongly discouraging non-essential travel to the destination. (which includes vacations)
    • Mandatory quarantine for travelers arriving in Ibiza or returning from Ibiza
    • A lockdown in Ibiza
  • The booking can only be cancelled with the right to a refund between 7 and 6 weeks before the arrival date if one of the above measures is active at that time. Possible cancellation later to look at the circumstances a little longer may be possible in consultation and approval of the respective owner from whom you rent the house.
  • If any of the above measures only becomes active (changes) within these 6 weeks before arrival, you may of course cancel the booking with the right to a refund at that time, with a 5-day grace period after this change.
  • If “Type 2” is listed, an owner only wants to refund at the time of a travel ban, from the Netherlands or Belgium or imposed by the Spanish government.
  • If nothing is listed with the house, please ask us for the specific conditions.
  • A rebooking is only valid for the same house.

For all homes where there is no specific “Book with Confidence. Special Cancellation Policy.” is listed, our normal cancellation policies apply. In some cases, owners are willing to provide other forms of compensation (rebooking, for example). Therefore, in this case, please contact us to see if other cancellation arrangements can be made regarding Covid19.

The refusal of entry or exit due to non-vaccination or the requirements imposed by the European Commission, Spanish Government or the Government of the Balearic Islands, as well as the desire not to carry out the tests required when entering or leaving the respective countries, do not give the right to cancel.

Should you test positive during your stay in Ibiza, the additional cost of cleaning the villa (and any rented car) will be charged to the client.

Can I cancel or rebook my trip due to the corona virus?

If you wish to cancel your booking you may do so according to our cancellation policy. You can find these via this link. If we did not make a special arrangement with you when making the booking, we do not have any special arrangements regarding cancellation in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as the Corona virus and/or a negative travel advisory from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Of course, we will do our best to ask the relevant owner, from whom you rented the house, for a goodwill arrangement. In many cases, our owners agree to this.

Covid 19 instructions for check in and check out

Due to the Corona virus, there are a few things we and you need to keep in mind during your stay and during check-in and check-out.

These new rules were created by the Spanish government.


  • Earlier check-in is unfortunately not possible this year due to extended cleaning.
  • We ask that you keep 2 meters away from the person you are checking in.
  • Your temperature can be measured during check-in.
  • Mouth mask is required during check-in
  • Before entering the house, your hands should be cleaned with disinfectant gel.

During your stay:

  • If you have booked a property with interim cleaning, this cleaning may only take place when all of you are not in the house or on the property. Make arrangements for this with your house manager.
  • If there is an incident that requires someone to come by (repairman or house manager) then 2 meters distance and a mouth mask is required.


  • At the appointed check-out time, you must be off the property. Exceptions are unfortunately not possible this year due to expanded cleaning.
  • We ask that you keep 2 meters away from the person you are checking out.
  • Mouth mask is required during check-out.
  • We ask that you do not leave garbage bags out, but take them away yourself.
  • When leaving the home, please leave windows and ventilation open as much as possible.
  • We ask that you gather dirty towels, etc. together and preferably already put them in a bag.

Should you have symptoms such as: Fever, dry cough and/or fatigue please contact: +3490040061 / +34900101863

Do you have any other questions?

If so, please contact us. That we hope will help you with your questions as best we can!

Frequently Asked Questions

A spacious villa. The biggest advantages of renting a villa are: the extra space, privacy, measure amenities, healthier diet options and it is usually cheaper per person than having to book many separate rooms in a hotel.

A villa. A villa is often cheaper per person than renting separate hotel rooms. In addition, you get much more value for your money. There is more space, more facilities (washing machine, bathrooms, a spacious garden, common areas, modern kitchens)…. As if you were in your own home! There is also more privacy and you can really enjoy yourself together. In our villas for large groups, there is enough space and privacy for everyone.

At the child-friendly villas of Huishurenibiza. In addition to baby cribs and chairs that we can organize, we also make sure that there are stair gates, a bathtub, good curtains so that your child can also sleep for a while during the day. Or a microwave to warm a bottle. But of course there are many more things we think about. A pool fence but also things like grass to play on, no precipices, playground equipment and bocce courts. You can filter on it with us to find your ideal home.

If you love peace and quiet, the north is your place to be. Here mostly locals live and you can relax at your villa and visit some small-scale villages. If you like a little more action then the south and east of Ibiza are the best place for you. Here lies the bustling Ibiza town, the bigger clubs can be found here and there is plenty of choice of great restaurants. Remember, the island is not big. So even if you are in the north, with a car you can easily explore the island from wherever you are staying!

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