Update: 7/3/2020

With this page we hope to help you with questions you may have regarding the coronavirus.

Current foreign travel advice

From the 1st of July onwards Spain will lift all travel bans, and it will be possible to visit our beautiful island again.  Please check here for the current travel advice.


I would like to book a house with you, but can I be insured against the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, you can not insure your holiday with us and neither with most insurers against the coronavirus. However there might be insurance companies that have this type of coverage. Please consult your local (travel) insurance company and ask for their advice.

Special cancellation policy for new bookings

In many cases we can, in agreement with our landlords, discuss special cancellation conditions in case of negative travel advice to Ibiza or forced quarantaine upon return . The possibility of special cancellation conditions depends on the willingness of the landlord of the house you rent through us. It is therefore necessary that you make agreements with us in advance, during the booking process, so that we can give a guarantee about these special conditions in black and white.

Bookings made without special arrangements: Can I cancel or rebook my trip due to the coronavirus?

If you wish to cancel your booking, you can do so according to our cancellation policy. You can find this via this link. We do not have a special arrangement with regards to cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as the coronavirus and / or a negative travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Unfortunately, most insurers do not reimburse your trip if there is a negative travel advice, but you should check this with your insurance company.

Of course we will do our best to get a better deal for you then described above. But this depends on the willingness of the landlord to cooperate in this matter.

During the lockdown period we have helped many customers to rebook their holiday to a later date. From the 1st of July onwards Spain has lifted all travel bans, and it will be possible to visit Ibiza again without restrictions.


Covid 19 instructions for check in and check out

Because of the coronavirus, there are a number of things that we and you need to take into account during your stay and during check-in and check-out.

  • These new rules have been drawn up by the Spanish government.
  • Check-in:
  • Earlier check-in is unfortunately not possible this year due to more extensive cleaning.
  • Please keep a distance of 2 meters from the person you check in.
  • Your temperature can be measured during check-in.
  • Mask is required during check-in
  • Before entering the house, your hands should be cleaned with disinfection gel.


During your stay:

  • If you have booked a house with interim cleaning, this cleaning may only take place if you are not in the house or on the grounds. Please make arrangements with your house manager.
  • If there is an incident that requires someone to come by (repairman or house manager) then 2 meters distance and a mouth mask is required.



  • At the agreed check-out time you need to be off the premises. Exceptions are unfortunately not possible this year due to more extensive cleaning.
  • Please keep 2 meters distance from the person you check out.
  • Mask is required during check-out.
  • Please do not leave garbage bags and take them away yourself.
  • When leaving the house, please leave windows and ventilation open as much as possible.
  • We ask you to collect dirty towels, etc. and preferably already put them in a bag.
  • Should you have any symptoms such as: Fever, dry cough and/or fatigue please contact us: +3490040061 / +34900101863


Do you have any other questions?

Please contact us by telephone or email. We do our utmost best to assist you.

We hope that all will be well the coming months, so we can welcome you on Ibiza this summer!