Prices services

Below you find the prices of our private chefs en VIP services. These prices are an indication and can differ, since it concerns custom services, made around your specific whishes. We will organize everyting in consultation with you, and of course discuss the prices with you first too.

Privat chef

The costs of a private chef depend on the size of the group and your specific wishes. Below an indication of the costs for dinner per evening:

  • Up to 8 people: € 250,-
  • 8 - 10 people: € 325,-
  • 10 - 12 people: € 375,-
  • 12 - 16 people: € 500,-
  • Every 4 people extra: €150,- extra

Food and drinks are not included. Shopping is included as is the cooking, the catering and the cleaning. Of course anything is possible in consultation with you.

Concierge services 24/7

Do you want to be taken care after 24/7 during your holiday? We can arrange this. Our concierge can take care of all the stuff you don't want to be botherd with, like making reservations, getting the best VIP tables, arrange a boattrip, etc. Use the following indication for our VIP service:

  • Up to 6 persons: € 500,- per week
  • Per person extra: € 50,- per week


Extra security needed? Please let us know and we will get back to you about the specific prices.

If you are interested in (one of the) above mentioned services, please email to: or contact us via this form